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Best games/apps

Auto Hero: Auto-shooting game v MOD [UPDATE]

Merry Christmas everyone ! You are a fan of the shooting game, love the...

Gameドラゴンブレイク v 1.0.75840 MOD

『運命を変えるため、戦え!』 千年戦争の果て、光の戦士の魂は暗黒龍によって砕かれ流星とともに地上に堕ちた―― かつての光の戦士は、地上で得た仲間とともに失った記憶を求めて旅立つ。 つなぎなおした記憶の先にどんな未来が待つのか。 -----------------------------------------

Farm City : Farming & City Building v 2.8.44 MOD- Unlimited Cashs | Unlimited Golds

Farm City: City building & Farming is one of the best city building and farming games...

Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven APK (Update v1.0.6) Mod

Recently, Gameloft has introduced its new pet, Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven. This is a mobile...

BLADE OF GOD (Full + MOD Unlimited Money)

If you like the JRPG style, you'll often find that the latest series of legends was developed...

RPG Combat 3D v 1.0 MOD

Do you have what it takes to prevail in the battle with evil? Become a real hero...

Latest games/apps

Game Beam of Magic: RPG Adventure, Roguelike Shooter v 1.16.2 MOD (UPDATE)

Beam of Magic is a multiplayer RPG game in which you explore dungeons and open-world locations, destroy a bunch of enemies, and fight bosses. You can play this exciting RPG multiplayer alone or in an online co-op with friends. Magic Shooter Features:

Game Hunt Royale v 1.4.7 MOD (UPDATE)

The hunt is on! Enter the hunting grounds as one of 4 warriors and survive in combat against awesome and unique fantasy enemies! Features: - 30 characters to unlock and level up! - Unique enemies to fight

Game Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower- v 1.6102 MOD (UPDATE)

Battle your way through hundreds of stages with unique tactical challenges, using your favourite Champions from Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar. Fight through the chaotic Silver Tower. Lair of the hideous Gaunt Summoner. Stormcast, Darkoath, Aelves, and other Champions from all over the Mortal Realms...

Game Dawnblade v 1.0.3 MOD (UPDATE)

**DAWNBLADE requires minimum OS 6.2, 1GB RAM, and at least 1GB Free Disk Space** Please be aware this is an early BETA so there will be some features that are still incomplete. You may also experience unexpected bugs or issues in the game, if so...

Game キングダムDASH!! v 3.0.2 MOD (UPDATE)

「キングダム」のキャラが可愛くなって登場!! 自分だけの部隊を編成して並いる敵を吹き飛ばせ! 難しい操作は一切不要。簡単操作で楽しく遊べる「キングダム」を楽しもう。 ---------------------------------------- ◆ゲーム紹介◆ ---------------------------------------- ●爽快進軍バトル! 部隊を編成して敵陣に向かってダッシュ!! 敵陣から続々と登場する敵を吹き飛ばしゴールを目指せ! ●戦略・戦術一切不要! シミュレーションゲームとは違って知略は不要! 暇な時間や隙間時間ににカジュアルに楽しむ事ができる本能型の「キングダム」ゲーム