The House of Da Vinci 2

Da Vinci is possibly one of the most influential people on the planet and has played an important role in many areas such as literature, art and science. So there were a lot of video games revolving around this character, who was born in homage to his life. But how many of us can identify all of the secrets and techniques about him? If participants want to discover all the secrets and techniques of the Italian genius, the Sport Da Vinci 2 Residence may be the first-class replacement. The first part of this sport brought a lot of love to the passionate players, and that is the motivation for the manufacturer to continue releasing phase 2d.

People only understand human success, but no one knows what they have done to achieve that success. The hidden corners of the existence of the Italian genius? Was there a mysterious persecution during the existence process and the intent to challenge it? When players come to this recovery, the player can be changed to Giacomo, a trainee of Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci. Enthusiastic gamers can travel back in time as individuals are no longer taking the same quality steps as now to solve the whole puzzle. What does that mean on a day when Da Vinci is missing and leaves you a letter? The attendee used to be a smart character, so he knew the problem wasn’t as easy as the letter said, so Giacomo decided to look for Da Vinci.

Solve the puzzles

This sport is a puzzle sport, so players only have to recognize the puzzle in this sport. The whole puzzle and clues are cleverly arranged and you have to trust a lot to find the answers. It is the feeling that players will master when it comes to games without wanting to fight fiercely. Only the puzzles are more than enough to attract passionate players. The whole thing in this sport means and is waiting to be learned; For example, a small piece of iron could be part of the important thing. The staring and awareness of the whole lot is the main factor that players want to find to find the answer to the whole. The whole lot in this sport, even the smallest, will play a big role in the overall picture that the player sees.

Approach to the puzzle

The sentences that the game is meant for hardcore gamers are not meaningless, but they do form a coherent approach. Each puzzle will be part of the picture, and if the player effectively solves everything, participants will see the whole and the horror movie will likely be printed. However, now it is not easy to find the answer for everyone. Every time the player appears to have finished the sport, there may be an additional opening scene. And so the participants have to continue the journey to find solutions to the whole puzzle. This is what attracts sports enthusiasts, and once you’re in the game it can be difficult for participants to quit.!!

Version: 1.0.0
Size: 1.2GB
Google Play Link


The House of Da Vinci 2 [V1.0.0] [FULL] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

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