Talking Tom Candy Run (MOD Money)

You may be familiar with the Outfit7 Talking Tom series since about four years ago. The special feature of this game is obvious that cat Tom can mimic all that you say in a very humorous tone. In the process of raising Tom, you must play side games to earn enough money to buy food and accessories. Gradually, people seem interested in concentrating on playing the built-in mini-games rather than raising Tom. Finally, a new direction opened up with Outfit7 will focus on developing more engaging mini-games with more varied gameplay but still retain the brand image Tomcat. It was the inadvertent player that caused the producer to create a mini-game that dominated the market for years with the creativity of the production team.

The game has been released with a lot of revenue and many people like Talking Tom Pool, Talking Tom Gold Run and recently a game also interesting as Talking Tom Candy Run. The success of these games is also due in part to the integration of gameplay that is trending into the creativity of the designer along with the system of favourite characters already available.

Does the game run non-stop?

It is straightforward to play and is classified as a video game, which you can play very fast for entertainment within 2 – 5 mins. Surely this gameplay has not copied any kind of gameplay available in the market that is combining many types together. Players will have to control the familiar characters such as Tom, Angela, Hank, … overcome obstacles are arranged and collected as many rewards as possible. The game does not allow you to control the direction of running back and forth, but by default, you have to run forward constantly. The two up and down buttons are located at the two corners, of the screen, allowing you to jump or roll down the ground to avoid the terrain and pick up items. Extremely simple.

Full of character that you love

Are you a fan of any character? Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, Talking Ginger, Officer Tom and Brainiac Ben. Do not worry because you can choose one of all the characters I listed above to start the race. Also, you can also run alongside your friends through a network connection. Multiplayer features are available in this game. Your friend can play as Sparkle Heart, Unicorn, Dragon, Smiley Face to match your shoulder.

More than 80 different locations

Wow, that’s great, I’m not kidding. The game brings you over 80 different locations around the world. This is a free travel opportunity for you. The graphics of the game are designed in cartoon style, so it is quite suitable for the eyes of children’s tastes.


Although a division of Talking Tom, the game is no longer heavily dependent on the original graphics. Here, Tom and his friends in 2D format make the game softer and more flexible. So that players can also quickly install and enjoy without the care about the available configuration of the smartphone. Enjoy the Talking Tom Candy Run MOD game as thoroughly as possible.

Features of the MOD version: Unlimited money, gold

Google Play Link


Talking Tom Candy Run MOD (APK FILE)

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