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Runtastic is an Austrian medical company. This manufacturer specializes in combining average fitness with mobile purposes, social networks and other accessories. Runtastic develops fitness tracking functions, hardware products and services that are reminiscent of an online training protocol, evaluates accurate information and compares it with different customers to help customers. Row consolidate their ride. Runtastic has published many medical purposes that match Runtastic’s calorie stability, the Meal Tracker, the Runtastic Professional Squats, the Runtastic Six Percent Abs & AbTrainer workouts. Runtastic GPS Walk & Fitness Pro in particular is basically the most popular.

What is Runtastic GPS Walking & Fitness Professional?

Runtastic GPS Running & Fitness Professional is an app that allows you to track your fitness and physical activity reminiscent of walking, cycling and walking via GPS. Runtastic GPS runs and medical measurements show the distance traveled, the time, the speed, the power consumption and much more. This app is fully optimized for Android devices and can also be fully integrated for Apple Watch. To keep an eye on your fitness activities, the Runtastic Walking & Health app offers you a variety of factors to improve your health. In the meantime, you will also become part of a global fitness team that will motivate and advise you to achieve your fitness goals.

wise process

The professional Walking & Fitness Runtastic GPS stops all surveillance preferences when the user is no longer moving. Devices that enable acoustic feedback are above consumer preferences. Full delivery of ads in the application. App to create mechanics or find convenient routes for consumers for customers and to sync with your phone. Climate forecast and active humidity help you plan your training carefully without enduring the weather. Runtastic GPS Walking & Professional Medical Measure shows all information about heart rate, human speed when walking, walking. It also displays a table of methods for training consumers to check the effectiveness of the training method.


set goals

that you can set goals that need to be met during training. That could be the goal of your calories, walking distance, your fitness and GPS specialist, and your Runtastic specialist to help you track your progress. It is no longer targeted in small sections and tells you how much you will achieve. When you enter your reputation in the gadget, the device shows unique tasks for excellent observation. You can also see your progress in the past.


Runtastic GPS walking and fitness professionals can help create effective tracking rankings for participants in this council. that you can make a list of the households watching with you. This table visually shows everyone’s performance over the day, week, and month, including walking distance, energy consumption, etc. From there, you can review, evaluate, and understand who the specialist trainer and worst manager is. If you are jogging in certain areas, you can check in with a photo and mark it in the area you have here on the map of Runtastic. Your relatives can understand where you are and use GPS to promote your training spirit. The point of view is that the constant surveillance of the area via GPS has a significant impact on the battery capacity of the device. In addition, you can also share your movements on social networks such as Google+, Facebook. , Twitter, WhatsApp and email.

Connect to the portable device

Runtastic GPS walkers and health professionals help smart wearables measure your body values ​​and environmental instructions to keep records. The app supports audio recommendations that focus on consumer preferences. It helps your spouse and children know where you can be and can cheer you on. Starting with Android 4.4, every person can follow and experience the melody with the songs Google Play, Spotify and Pandora, SoundCloud exactly via the Runtastic utility.

Great addition

Now you can easily connect your Runtastic account to your Garmin connection account via the app. Comfortable synchronization of activities from Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, vivo-compatible GPS applications or regional bicycle applications to Runtastic receipts. Runtastic events are further integrated into the MyFitnessPal account according to Google. In addition, Runtastic GPS Walking & Fitness Pro can be integrated with intelligent portable tools from Android.

Download Runtastic Pro Walk and train for free

Runtastic runs professionally, health is an extremely luxurious application, as simple as its value. With more than $ 10 for a mobile app, not everyone can find money for it, and we offer a quick strategy to get you this app for free. Download the ZIP file and follow the instructions below.

Industrial Materials!

1. Download the FALSE app (Abschied APK Installer);
2. Download this modified zip archive application.
3. Set up and open SAI / Favorites Install the APK / buttons to find and select the downloaded .zip archive application.
4. Remain to install and make. enjoy!!!

Google Play Link


Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness [PAID] [APKS FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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