Pokémon TCG Card Dex

Pokemon games are now valued by many thanks to Nintendo’s mammoth sponsorship. Given the large number of animated episodes and ongoing initiatives, the potential for exploitation remains enormous. Pokemon in sports are more and more like a real natural world, so avid gamers have some confusion when you consider that it is inconceivable to memorize them all. If you want an animal dictionary to be displayed when you want, you also need a device that displays Pokemon.


Legitimate application to manipulate your Pokémon TCG collection

Previously, POKÉMON TCG CARD DEX was available on other handheld platforms to make gaming and searching easier. However, when smartphones become standard gaming tools, players want to use them again with sensible tools. Sports journalists no longer extend the process of compiling the needs of the participants, the FREE POKÉMON TCG CARD DEX is available on the go.


The international Pokémon maker is the brand on the back of this gadget with a long and very long plan. On the one hand, budding gamers can use it in the latest sport variant on the sun and moon. All Pokémon integrated on this page are packed with many useful tips. Gamers who want to use this utility will also be thrilled because all the expansion packs and promotional cards available so far are displayed. Users will never be out of date or slower than anyone else on this planet, more turbo than other sources.



The utility’s camera must be entered for the main operation of this utility. When you’re done with Pokemon Card Sport, you’ll need to sketch and scan the card. Please visit the app after using the digital camera and you will be regularly informed about what the entire batch will be stored in the phone memory for offline viewing. The author also calculated that the self-detection function was introduced if the cardboard was damaged or covered during scanning. If the above minority restrictions are the most effective and the tag is practically the same type, it can still be scanned. In addition, the application supports many different languages, so users will have no problem reading the tips that have been briefly translated by the Google Google translation device.


Growth, card type and rarity, Pokémon type, HP type, HP and various options, everything you want to filter. This feature can be one of the good tools for gamers to rearrange their desires. For example, if you lack Pokemon performance, you can quickly find it in many types of filters and tap the predominant icon.



Currently, this utility has been released and used in Sweden for iOS and Android instruments. This is one of the last steps of the test method to release it internationally. So customers can wait a little longer until they have it for free on all available smart devices.!!

Google Play Link


Pokémon TCG Card Dex [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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