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Japan is a world that is perceived in every way, and one of the key aspects is that the anime business is booming in Japan. With an extremely good looking, good looking character, nobody can face this charm. And if you’re a fan of anime and love the romance and vibrant colors, you can’t resist the Palette Parade (レ ッ), a great role-playing sport that you are, basic characters and harem exposure are all very cool guys. Join the poetic world of Palette Parade and see which Silicon Studio publishers hide their playing cards in their magical pockets!


Palette Parade is an art museum where many competent artists from all over the world live. And there you become a girl who works in a museum, talks and works with artists (extremely cool and handsome) and tells a fascinating story with them during this time. . Game. The artists are very young and very talented in painting. They are a concept based on the most famous western artists in history. And now they’re looking for ways to develop the museum further. Together with a harem, the marshal should ensure that women do not go unnoticed.


Personality processes in various special entertainment offers. 28 boys with 28 different styles, 28 different personalities made this sport more attractive than ever. Now let’s take a look at some of the hottest guys in the harem!

Impressive college

Vincent van Gogh: He is a beautiful painter with purple hair and a sunny smile. He was consistently a source of positive vitality and still lives with his enthusiasm. His good friend has.
Eugene Henri Paul Gaugin: A name that is both long and difficult to consider, but there is no denying that it is constantly related to this very unfortunate brown. Nevertheless, he always sees him tired of everything in contrast to his good friend. He is a nature lover and dreamer; sometimes he sees his dream more real than life.


Gustave Courbet: A blond face with a cold face. He is a man or a woman and he hates daydreaming. He did not follow impressive lines like Van Gogh or Gauin, but he drew the best of what he noticed and experienced. A strange man.

Resuscitation lessons

Leonardo da Vinci: Do you see this guy? It was a very well-known artist who helped bring the Renaissance of Western Europe to the fore. In this game, however, the artist looks very small, with smooth blue eyes that make us feel like we are standing at the entrance to the sea. He is an academic genius and also an artistic skill. He can remain calm on all occasions until Michelangelo stands in front of him.
Michelangelo di Ludovico Buonarroti Simoni: Competitor with a certain talent that is not as good as Leonardo da Vinci. A calm man with long, orange hair covering his shoulders, always wearing a wool hat and not talking to people often.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Renoir has a particularly good shape in this sport. Long blonde hair, V-shaped face, rather unhappy eyes, but the mouth always smiles. Although he appears to be an outsider, he is an extremely energetic person and once he opens his mouth, he will no longer see where the activity stopped.
Edouard Manet: Maybe he is the most beautiful man in the museum, with gray hair and a completely male face. He is also a very carnal journalist who dares to oppose public opinion and seek his truth. That is why man is completely related to him.
In addition, there are many artists at many different universities, especially all satisfactory. If you are a dream woman and want to have a prince in your dream, download this sport right now and enjoy it!

Graphics & synthesis

As a Japanese entertainment, it is not shocking if the characters fully enjoy the crowd and are familiar to those who have read many Japanese comics. absolutely amazing, absolutely satisfying, that is all I can do and often everything I can accept. Palette Parade APK is a new entertaining game released in 2018, but it certainly promises to give players exciting experiences with well-known ancient artists. What is the higher option to live with the best and this charm is evident in these attractive people?!!

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