Last Day on Earth: Survival (MOD, Coins/Durability/Crafting)

> Have you seen useless jogging? What happens when a zombie disaster occurs? Come to this planet on the last day: survive. It is an exciting mobile role-playing sport that you can see now.

Fighting zombies is the most common in most of the world’s most apocalyptic issues. Perhaps their appeal lies in the alienation of everyone’s ability to hold onto them. However, there are common factors that you can see in all zombies that people are considering. Crowded, powerful, passed out and can infect all bitten creatures. This accommodates the convenience of being a heavy enemy for years in a row. It seems that it has become a brand snapshot for builders for free exploitation.

A difficult and legal survival entertainment

Last day of the world: Survival is definitely an entertaining affair from a well-defined field of player teams. Everyone who does sports is interested in this topic, which everyone knows. Today, the manufacturer has achieved more than 50 million downloads for Android users worldwide. Lately, regular weekly updates have continued.

Survive the zombie pandemic

Let’s start by talking about the last day on earth: survival. Of course, if you pay attention to this game, you assume that a world full of zombies is constantly threatening your existence. Extreme gamers must be able to flee or fight to no longer be transformed into this terrifying monster. Like you and build your own snapshot. You can determine gender, appearance and face as different role-playing games. In addition, players can choose from countless costumes when entering the game. Words Make your character your own in conversation and remember that the device has its own power.

How to build and fight problems

With a similar joystick and on-screen control buttons. Construction of a small apartment complex, access to transport and weapons to survive longer in this chaotic world. The fighting and life equipment to tell the story can also be seen during the fight, and you can also include it in your inventory. Even if you can have heavy equipment, you should consider backpacking as well as food and beverage. In addition, modern entertainment updates are likely to be a completely new event, the police department. On this occasion, you can break into a police station and people who have become zombies. Kill them all and follow the quest sequence for new rewards.

Download the last day of the world: survive now

In this updated version, enthusiastic gamers will also face many new opponents. They have a much more special potential and seem to be connected to the occasion. Police officers and prisoners have mutations or monsters from the division. In the end, however, there are no more armored zombies whose shields are activated at regular intervals, which complicates your specialist knowledge. Jackpot mode can also be updated so you can check your success in your free battles. One hurdle is that you only have to invest enough time and money to speculate in this dangerous game.

What’s new in version 1.14.4?

– New mercenary events
– Use mercenaries as software to kill zombies. Observe the inner strength of each mercenary


To get into ball 7 with a mod, the game can block you!
Craft and free development;
infinite ability elements (which you can spend in your arms);
Distribution of individual expenses;
Eating food reduces hunger and thirst.
After starting the sport, click the round button in the top left to open the mod menu with the following functions:
The distribution of the objects increases their number;
Open all recipes (regardless of character level);
Immediately walk on world maps (activities that do not display and use energy wastage).
excessive damage;
go quickly;
Mob stood anyway.
Coin mod is not feasible! Hacking Industry 7 should not and will not be an account!


– Free Manufacturing and Manufacturing (currently not active in PvP areas, including Area 7);
– Free update
– All recipes are open
– Fast production on the workbench
– Copy individual objects
– When resources are cut, their number increases
– Guns safe
– Immediate travel on foot on the map
– Unlock all events on the world map
– Unlimited food
– Improved, HP x2 and different

How do I hire?
OBB route Android Android /obb/zombie.survival.craft.z
Android Android-LIB-Patch / knowledge / zombie.survival.craft.z / lib
to rule!

– If you played the mod and want to continue where you left off, install the brand new variant apk file without removing the old mod version.
– To easily improve your progress, at the same time copy the folder zombie.survival.craft.z into your Android / Knowledge and paste it in another location. on your gadget.
– To log in and sync with your fb, Google account, you need to be root and use the lucky patcher

basic – no CRAFT goods on the list
saddle horse
Kevlar helmet
Kevlar Armor
Kevlar pants
metal pipe
climbing helmet
body protection
attack pants
ATV transmission
C-4 explodes
guild banner
Explosive material
Tactical backpack
hand pump
repair station
Zombie Truck
Chemistry station
S&W Magnum
Electronic laboratory
steel cutter!!

Version: 1.16.1 b500550
Size: 240MB
Google Play Link


Last Day on Earth: Survival [MOD 1] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Last Day on Earth: Survival [MOD 2] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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