Heroes Arena (MOD, Map Hack)

In connection with MOBA Entertainment, the invention of Valor and Vainglory 5V5 are two veteran names on mobile devices. After a long time getting started, these video games have shown no signs of cooling. Therefore, the game is considered born a lot, although the best juniors, but there are a large number of players, usually the hero emerges. This could be a 3D MOBA game developed on the mobile platform with LOL-like gameplay. Find out more about this entertainment!


Don’t pay to win, it’s all about Play to Win!

In every healthy game, the two teams play together on a predefined card. Each employee can have 5 heroes and can be controlled with the help of the player. The challenge of the player is to control his hero to protect the head of the crew while at the same time destroying the enemy’s pillars. With over 20 exclusive character types, participants can choose their favorite hero. Every hero has specific and targeted talents.


The control approach can also be very simple. The game gives you a joystick and the ability switch in the left part of the screen. Joysticks help you improve your personality by touching it and getting closer to the course you want to maneuver. Skill board so you can attack enemies. By manipulating and mixing these action buttons you get a more attractive gameplay. However, teamwork is essential to win the game. Although you may be an excellent participant who doesn’t know how to work with your teammates, your workforce may not be able to win. Get the exact systems and coordinate with each type to start the nice fight phase and defeat the opponent. In addition to 5vs5 mode, you can also choose 3vs3 or 1vs1 mode.



With 3D graphics, the Heroes section offers players the ideal specialist knowledge. The champions in this sport are very well designed because there is no overlap with a sport. The larger characters and sport surface are more prominent with eye-catching tones and excessive authenticity that players can feel with every step and assault on personality. However, this sport only has 1 card to contend with, since the fact that this problem is the interface of the card is checked and players can find the game quickly. Just click Find Room, less than 30 years old you’ll find a playroom like This is also a bright spot in this game!



If you are interested in MOBA methods, Heroes Arena MOD is a special option. The game is light in design and avoids situations like jerks and delays, so that the fear of the player is nullified. Take part in the game and take part in battles to increase your rank. It is not easier to tell us what you can do!

MOD information?

1.MOD menu
2. Map Hack // Show opponents on MiniMap

Word: Make sure you allow the permissions manually when using Android 6.0 or higher. To do this, use Settings> Apps> Conversation Name, which is shown in other apps.

Tailored to TheArmKing!!

Version: 2.2.39
Size: 95M
Google Play Link


Heroes Arena [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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