Heads Up! (MOD, All Decks Unlocked)

Maybe you are a clear person somewhere playing video games. CHARADES. This is a regular entertainment derived from England England. If you look at its cheerfulness and collective harmony, it has spread throughout the region to say goodbye. This game is so simple that you don’t need any tools. Simply explain movement and facial expressions with your fingers and feet to ask participants to set complex crossword puzzles. In this digital age, these typical video games no longer have a place. Luckily get up! was born and replaces Charades, a software on mobile devices, with which you can find the source of completely satisfied thoughts. Have fun in Heads Up for entertaining occasions! Accompanied by your acquaintances and dispel the tiredness and regain vitality for a productive working day!



Heads Up has the same gameplay as Charades. To participate in this game you need at least two players. One person holds the mobile phone, uses head up and the other steps back and uses movements and expressions to animate the map displayed on the screen. It can be phrases, images, objects, status or anything. The unique sound system does not have to use words or words to make suggestions, as the reason is that you accidentally lose the charm of this conversation. According to each card, the answer is shown on the reveal and the box is mechanically replaced after 60 seconds. In this short amount of time, ideas have to try to work as understandably as players can guess. However, the answers are generally very interesting, so the concept of creating movements is fun and completely enjoyable.


If the answer is correct for each participant, flip your phone down to score and continue with the next answer. If it is too difficult, tilt it to fit and switch to a different card. This game becomes much more attractive if you have a lot of men and women involved. At this point, you are divided into 2 teams, each with 1 man or woman, who can guess the means of the box, and the others classify the meaning of the box, which the participants can guess. Set the period for an exact period. After the timer expires, the team with more aspects wins.


Heads Up offers many card sets to choose from. Each set of cards has one of the fascinating topics that you can decide on. However, there are several sets of cards to check the cost. You have to use your money to free them. In addition, in offline game mode you can also stream online with your friends on social networks with your friends. that you can play as a prediction or track. If you are tracks, the meaning of cardboard is shown on the reveal and you use the utility camera to record the action and place a bet on your hand. If you make a correct bet, tip the device down and if it is too difficult, ignore it.


The final part

Stand up! is a simple but extremely fun game. You will definitely see the relaxation of this sport when you enjoy with so many of your friends. In the past, it was best to take a break on vacation or play head up with family and partners. This game creates a fun atmosphere for everyone and brings everyone to the collective. This game currently has over 10 million downloads in the app market; Please download the following!!

Version: 3.50
Size: 81MB
Google Play Link



Thanks for downloading!

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