Fire Up! by Voodoo APK (Update v1.3) Mod

Blaze fan of! A great entertainment from Voodoo. Stir It is a simple sport, but it is very difficult to walk. Your job is to shoot blocks to damage them without getting caught in the back. Do you find that easy? Definitely not. You have to face difficult challenges. This conversation requires quick action. You need to be able to search extremely quickly to be able to get high functionality in this game.

Download fire up! via Voodoo APK (replaces v1.three) Mod fire advertising for Android

Here, however, we will help you to master the method and some suggestions for playing this sport well. First you have to see how to play. They own a photo machine, they shoot white bullets, manipulate that these bullets destroy the brick block above the weapon, and see that the blocks are likely to be lower over time and if there is no solution. Any method to get rid of the shooters will be lost, but the sport shouldn’t be that easy. Move the shooter flexibly on the screen. The shot is done regularly and automatically. To start playing, it’s handy to find and ruin small blocks of numbers (blue). This is the original mission of this conversation. You just have to try to find the numbers cut off on the avenue, pay attention and shoot after the wreck is over. But what if the screen beats fast? You can’t see the numbers, so let Lightning count on the colors, the green will definitely break, followed by yellow, orange, and pink, which are gradually increasing. Focus on colors with foresight so you can shoot turbo without considering numbers because reading numbers is too fast.

Whenever you smash a block, you get a rank equal to the value of the block. To score too high, you need to test your game quality and destroy as many blocks as possible to get a high ranking. However, as the game progresses, the speed of the falling blocks gets so high that you need to focus your attention on the single one and expect to ruin it before you touch it. It’s no better, it’s a way to generate energy, and don’t forget to take it. It will help you to expand the energy quickly, according to the purple color in which you can shoot very powerful balls, green will increase the number of balls in a while, green balls will probably open the game. And the additional factors you just won are money to help you upgrade your weapon. yourself.

A game that is really difficult and requires a high level of sensitivity, but is not very attractive, is it? Please download the download! APK follow the hyperlink below and experience this addictive entertainment!!!

Version: 1.2
Size: 34M
Google Play Link


Fire Up! (APK File)

Thanks for downloading!

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