Find The Differences – The Detective (MOD money/hearts)

Recognizing diversity – detective: any person who tells me the subtlety of a man or a woman in relation to any intelligence and sensitivity. The motive they are saying is to see that they are aware that a smooth man or woman always sees small problems in problems, things and others. There are so many questions that can be asked. Is the subtle brain created? The answer is yes, and we want to have time to listen, to have knowledge and to follow. In addition to training based on lifestyle information, we can also practice our subtleties through entertainment, similar to the game where we find the difference – The Detective, which I use to make an appointment to meet close friends. Do you love to be entertained and improve your mind?


Number 1 in board game

Finding Diversity – Detective is a STUDIO 10P Business game, a puzzle sport. This game has a fairly simple gameplay that you can easily rate. In each phase, two screens are shown for your screen. It looks like they are pretty similar, but exactly, they have a few key points that make the difference between the two photos. Your company is looking for variety to complete the game. Each screen contains 3 to 4 objects or is a bit redundant. The approximation tells you the number of unique things you need to find. However, you have to be fast because each publication is broadcast for a constant period of time. You have to find enough objects at this point. If there is enough time that you cannot find, you will definitely have to play again from the beginning.

The game has many difficult phases that you can win separately. At the first level, the gameplay is quite practical, so you can easily get to know the game with graphics. However, the image becomes more problematic with age as many objects are displayed. Dark tones are more difficult to see and cause problems. But don’t be too nervous and try to subtly overcome the curb phase to train your potential. For this reason, it is a prerequisite to overcome the phases of greater interest. If you have difficulty finding a single point, contact your staff or use game hints. However, the number of suggestions is limited and you can watch some additional commercials for further assistance.


Overall looking for diversity – Detective is a sport that needs to be played quietly. It currently does not contain any violent content that is very useful for the progress of your mind. Pay attention to this game, transform yourself into a detective and watch many fascinating storylines like theft or adultery. However, challenges are difficult for you anyway. Download this sport and solve it now!!

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Find The Differences – The Detective [MOD] [APK FILE]

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