Diner DASH Adventures (MOD, Unlimited Coin/Heart)

Have you ever thought about becoming a chef and serving dinner to the most famous people? it certainly makes many people feel interesting and has to be tested during their lifetime. If this is the case, you should definitely not hesitate to choose Diner Sprint Adventure for the sport that you will be playing for a short time. At least you will be drunk with it for half a year to think about it. It can really become your essential entertainment tool.


Play, serve and build stories

Diner Sprint Adventures is an effective product that the stylish glam writer on Google Play has produced with many successful games. This product is a new task from them, has been invested very carefully and has had a fairly satisfactory effect. Although only in the pre-registration phase, it has gained a lot of popularity among enthusiastic players around the world. There were even comments and expectations from public forums like GameBraves or Toucharcade.


Sport takes place in a huge city. Maybe the whole lot will thrive and the people listed below are excited, which also makes the transaction easy. However, things do not satisfy everyone. The opposite idea. The city is ugly and deserted, and there are no situations where you can see it all. As the author described, the inn was completely closed, the dinner was just a mess, and the peaceful avenue was definitely no longer alive. can afford to stop these evil men and women from traveling around town. Back off. They will do their job and serve those who restore the glory of this city. The story begins in the small food shop The Greasy Spoon DINER.


Go to the kitchen to cook and serve dinner, matches

In this sport, players will play Flo, a young and enthusiastic cook. After a long time away from the residence, countless hobbies happened in the country where she grew up. When the woman returns, she is often destroyed. In a small restaurant, she had to use her skills and energy to restore her home.


Cook your dinner in shape and serve your method appropriately in a small kitchen with loyal acquaintances and pets. They are designed to welcome friendly guests and prevent the destruction of floods. You need to try to focus attention on the transaction and also face the long-term Mr.Giant. After reaching a precise amount, players can expand their influence through additional trades.

You can improve your kitchen and serve additional dishes and various top performances. Use your money to renovate entire properties such as fish shack, beaches and resorts. If you have enough money to expand your small business, buy a small hotel. It quickly brings you large sums of money and allows viewers to return to your metropolis more often in most cases. These methods always require special care and perseverance. As you prepare for cash, small tasks are also done, with small but normal bonuses. They help with the download.

MOD information?

1. 589824 cash in every phase
2. 589824 hearts per level
3. Unlimited cupcakes
four. Cook unlimited dinner
5. Always win with full stars (the easiest operation in stages with coins is the winning condition)
Note: This game supports most effectively
Note 2: This sport can crash or cause problems on devices without Google Play services!!

Version: 1.6.5
Size: 72M
Google Play Link


Diner DASH Adventures [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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