Deezer Music Player (MOD, Premium)

Now we have a few options to watch songs on mobile devices. Now we have Apple Track, Spotify, Gaana Music and many other purposes. These days I want to recommend a great track participant application to everyone, especially you can download countless songs on it. The shape is called Track Deezer. This may be a common name, but many people don’t know it. If you are seeing a part, it is a pity to skip this app. The app has reached over a hundred million installations on Google Play alone. This can be a significant number for mobile software.

In addition, the song Deezer lets you enjoy great songs on mobile devices. All songs are encoded at 320 kbps and offer highly specialized knowledge for many music lovers or those with high music ratings. However special your song replacement is, it still meets all your requirements.

More than 43 million songs

Come to Deezer’s top class. You will be intoxicated by a monstrous song dealer with up to 43 million songs. The genre can no longer be composed from the latest genres. From the 1990s to the recently released songs. Everything in this application Deezer has an intuitive user interface that allows customers to quickly search for their favorite songs using the country’s favorite album, genre, or artist. The whole thing is optimized so that everyone can get started right away when they first open this application.

different functions

Download and listen offline
With just one click, you can download the entire album you’re viewing. It is a satisfactory function that the application offers the user. This protects consumers from a lot of time. Instead of paying attention to one piece of music, you can download the entire album you write down, or you can download one track at a time if you want. No problem This option is also possible in Apple’s song, but Deezer’s download speed seems to be a bit slower. In particular, the file is saved in the laptop memory after downloading and is not encrypted as Apple songs. After deleting the application, the downloaded songs and of course you can listen to them for free at any time.

Create a private page and share your favorite songs with your employees
This is a high-level function that no other music participant supports. Deezer tunes allow you to create your own custom profile and then share your favorite songs on it. that you can even tune the tune directly to your acquaintances to get drunk. With Deezer music, interacting with friends can be more difficult than ever.

Listen to live radio
It offers users hundreds and hundreds of separate radio stations in the music area to select and enjoy the music played on them at any time. If you are a rider, it is a must to own this app to make your commuting more enjoyable.

With the high-end music MOD version of Deezer, you get a number of development aspects, including: B. Downloading unlimited songs into the app that are definitely too special songs. Next, you can notify the various utilities to take care of them and download them. This is often the most attractive feature that Deezer offers by using other tracking features like Apple songs. With Spotify, you can only listen and download on one device. Then download this app if you are a musician or listener to track your phone. It will suit you everywhere, always accompany you. Keep your mood screen on to make the best recommendation. It will be a companion for you.

MOD data

[Premium version]

– High speed function enabled (downloading music, excessive quality, cutting ads and more);
– Login by email

[Lite version]

– Image ads are blocked
– Audio display is blocked
– Ignore setting is activated
– Search release function
– Adjust the function defined in the unlock combination menu
– Unlock the shuffle functions unlimited
– Download all unlocked tracking properties
– Decide whether featured songs are unlocked
– Add to the activated queue points
– Play the next unlocked feature
– High quality audio switch – Unlock the sound (excessive fidelity)
– Repeat the unlock function
– Disable / delete unwanted permissions + recipients and services
– Deactivated Analytics / Crashlytics.!!

Size: 25MB
Google Play Link


Deezer Music Premium [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Deezer Music Premium [LITE] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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