Busuu: Learn Languages (MOD, Premium)

We all know that language is a means to help individuals to visualize their thoughts, recommendations, emotions and potentials. That’s why everyone wants to learn other languages ​​today. But where can one learn easily, quickly and with high efficiency? This may be a normal situation for many people and they have found a good answer: BUSUU: language learning.


Busuu is an English-language learning application published by the Busuu Limited organization and is probably one of the world-class English language features used by many people. This software designs temporary, concise courses that summarize the most basic things to make good rules for people learning English and many other languages. In addition, it is a huge neighborhood of language recruited. that you are able to trade and receive support from all. For this reason, Busuu has bought a good rating because it was effective and scored four-thirds out of five first-class results with 270,000 studies.


What is Busuu?

Busuu is a special application for learning English. Various solutions and approaches are presented to help newcomers, including native speaker training, offline learning, grammar lessons, vocabulary and language training, staffing, and learning levels. The fish training is certified by McGraw-Hill. In addition, you can assess the entry level. The procedure depends on your results to suggest the right lessons. you can hardly use that in other places.

Is language learning in Busuu particularly strong?

For each grammar lesson, you follow and apply it in several ways: connecting words, making decisions about appropriate solutions, speaking examples, answering questions, and filling in the gaps. The structure of these exercises is tailored to your phase and has specific documentation that will help you easily complete more workout routines. And if you’re a person who’s not good at memorizing, you’ll need to use the personal scheduling feature in Busuu or memorize video games. You will receive many useful tips.


In fact, your contributions will probably be checked for stupid mistakes with the help of the system, and you will be explained these mistakes in detail. They will submit and publish the statement. The natives will fix you. When you attend Busuu classes, the most effective way to spend 10 minutes a day is to learn new classes, review materials that you have learned, and stay with people from other countries. other. Under the motto of observational learning you will observe your progress for a short time. In addition, the lessons and exercises are designed to be extremely fast and help customers with offline expertise, so you can learn anytime. Which line buys a lot of coffee? Waiting for a close friend? Also to work.


How do I become a member of Busuu?

Busuu offers players two options, including paid and free guides to choose from. If you choose a free course of action, it’s best to join the restricted and unlicensed guides. For those who prefer one-way costs, you can use the entire developed point. You will also receive a free 7-day trial with a paid subscription to a free trial.

MOD Information

Independent package;
The premium aspect is unlocked.
Languages: Multilingual;
Supported CPU architecture: universal;
Support for displaying DPI: HDPI [240 dpi], HDPI [320 dpi], HDPI [480 dpi], HDPI [640 dpi];
Disable / remove unwanted rights + recipients and services;
Analytics / Crashlytics is disabled.!!

Google Play Link


Busuu: Learn Languages [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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