Busuu: Learn Languages (MOD, Premium)

We all know that language helps people stay in touch with their ideas, strategies, emotions and benefits. On this last day everyone wants to learn a different language. But where can you learn easily, quickly and with high efficiency? That may be a matter of concern to many people and they have found the right solution, namely BUSUU: learning languages.


Busuu is an English tutorial introduced by Busuu Limited and is undoubtedly one of the most satisfactory English features used by many people. This gadget creates temporary, concise lessons and brief information on the most basic things so people can learn English and many other languages ​​well. In addition, it is a great neighborhood for new language learners. that you can replace and get support from anyone. As a result, Busuu got a good comparison with the statement that it worked and achieved 4.3 / 5 pleasant aspects with 270,000 stories.


What is busuu?

Busuu is a satisfactory application for learning English. It offers a variety of solutions and techniques to support new employees, including working with native audio systems, offline learning mode, grammar classes, vocabulary and language training, and searching. Understand plans and qualifications certified by McGraw Hill Education. You can even check the input stage. The process is based on your results to recommend appropriate lessons. You can hardly find these valuable properties in different places.

What is special about language learning at Busuu?

In each grammar lesson you will observe and observe in different ways: connecting sentences, finding the right answer, speaking in a form, answering questions and filling in the gaps. The constitution of these exercises is adapted to your level and contains specific recommendations that will help you with the entire additional exercise without difficulty. And if you’re a character who can’t memorize, you can use the personal planning feature in Busuu or play memory games. You will receive many valuable suggestions.


In fact, your posts in the system can be checked for stupid errors and identified for you in detail about these errors. For the speech, you will report and publish it. Indigenous peoples will fix you. With Busuu courses, you only need to spend 10 minutes a day to learn new courses. The overview content is discovered and communicated with people from other countries. With the motto that continuous detection goes hand in hand with monitoring, you can observe your development in a short time. In addition, the lessons and exercises are kept fairly short so that users can take advantage of the offline experience so that they can learn at any time. Queue to buy coffee? Waiting for a friend? Even to work.


How do I become a Busuu member?

Busuu offers players two alternatives, as well as paid publications and free courses to choose from. For those who choose a free course, the most effective way is to take restricted and unlicensed courses. If you want to taste a direction, you can use the whole development aspect. You’ll also get a free 7-day trial with paid instructions for great tests.

MOD Information

Independent package agreement;
Top-class aspects will be unlocked.
Languages: multilingual;
Supported CPU architecture: universal;
Supported DPI display: HDPI [240 dpi], HDPI [320 dpi], HDPI [480 dpi], HDPI [640 dpi];
Deactivate / remove unwanted rights + recipients and services;
Analytics / Crashlytics is deactivated.!!

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Busuu: Learn Languages [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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