Battle Royale: Ultimate Show (MOD No Skill CD)

Battle Royale: Ultimate Show is a very new game, released under the publisher Codigames. Based on the first images and trailer, the player seems to know that this is an interesting combination of MMORPG with Battle Royale. The same graphics as the Fortnite will make the player more attractive after the first test.


It can be said that PUBG has put the Battle Royale game on a much higher level. In the future, the publisher of the game also wants it to become an Esport to be able to match with the game MOBA has dominated the game market. But there is a situation that both MOBA and Battle Royale have clones in the movement to earn revenue thanks to the popularity. Combined with the current trend is the mobile game, a lot of game versions can play on smart devices have been born continuously in the past. Knives Outs, Free Fire Battlegrounds, PUBG mobile, … are extremely hot names nowadays with millions of players who are already involved. So then the game launches must have their own creativity to attract the attention of gamers. There are a number of games that focus on graphics, some of which change gameplay and add elements that combine different genres.


MOBA + Survival game combined

A fictional battlefield with futuristic technology and light and a host of strange weapons is the first look at the game. Players will have to control a character who joins the battlefield and select their roles as a tank, healer, or DPS. Fight and kill all your opponents to become the last survivor. The combination of Battle Royale and MOBA is much smoother in this game.


Good graphics, cartoon characters

As mentioned above, Battle Royale: Ultimate Show will focus on building the character that looks like the second Battle Royale hot game now is Fortnite. The character is designed to be extremely stylized and imitated like the top cartoons of war fiction. The heroine is depicted with a sharp and powerful face and heavy armour, holding huge guns in her hands. This character is unusually tall, muscular and carrying fantasy weapons with incredible power. The battlefield is set in a narrow space and everyone must fight as brutal as possible. The skills are continually launched to kill all the opponents moving in front of you until you are the last survivor. Thanks to the 3D graphics and the third view from the top down, players can look a lot easier. The skills that are released through are extremely confusing but still do not make the player look confused.



The magic combination between the two most popular games in the world, along with modern graphics, creates a new blockbuster for the player to enjoy. In fact, I am still not sure that it can surpass older men? But it sure is more than parody games with poor graphics and unplayable gameplay. The proof is that after just one week it has over 15,000 downloads and lots of positive comments on the fan page. Hopefully, in the future, sales numbers will increase even more.

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Battle Royale: Ultimate Show MOD (APK FILE)

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