Undead vs Demon v 1.1.3 MOD

Immerse yourself in the cool battle of undead vs demon!
A combination of a brick breaker game and a merge (merge) system!
Unite and become stronger!!
Aim and fire!!
Become the Skeleton King who commands the undead, grow yourself, and nurture a powerful undead army,
Defeat the Demon Army!!

★Grow up the Skeleton King and make a strategic attack!★

If you grow the Skeleton King, you will be able to use powerful magic,
By using powerful magic, you can attack the demon army more strategically!
The types of magical properties of the Skeleton King include:
Fire that strikes a single target strongly,
Lightning strikes multiple targets,
Poison that inflicts damage to a small number of targets for several turns.
It can be nurtured according to the tastes and strategies of the players.

★Combine skeleton soldiers to create a powerful army!★

Skeleton Soldiers can be combined with Skeleton Soldiers of the same type,
When combined, it will be upgraded to a more powerful Skeleton Soldier.
From regular skeleton soldiers to skeleton warriors and skeleton mages, there are various and wonderful skeleton soldiers.
Combine Skeleton Soldiers to create a powerful, cool army!

★ Combine the loot you have earned and wear powerful equipment!★

You can also combine the loot you get with loot of the same type.
Combined loot is upgraded to higher loot.
The loot is equipped with equipment of various performance from normal to legendary.
Wear the best gear and make a powerful attack!

★Experience the super skeleton soldiers of various attributes with various rune combinations★

If you make a finished rune product with the rune materials you have acquired and install it in the rune socket, super skeleton soldiers with special abilities will appear.
These various special abilities will unleash powerful attacks to keep the demons out of their minds.

★Experience various dungeons of Undead vs. Demon!★

It consists of general dungeon, infinite dungeon, gold dungeon, and boss dungeon.
Normal dungeons allow you to experience gradual difficulty with basic play, and are the most basic dungeons for undead vs. demons.

Infinite Dungeon is a dungeon where you can activate dungeon play as automatic hunting and obtain rewards even if you do other daily activities.
Infinite dungeon play is essential to acquire rune materials. Try acquiring various rune materials.

In the Gold Dungeon, you can obtain additional gold rewards,
A treasure chest appears as the boss, and if you defeat the treasure chest, you can obtain a random reward.
What will come out of the random box?!

A boss dungeon is a dungeon in which many powerful and terrifying bosses appear. The difficulty is that difficult, so by using various skills,
You have to attack. It is a dungeon good for obtaining high-quality loot as it is difficult and scary.

Now, by nurturing the Skeleton King and the powerful undead army,
Destroy the demons!!!

Exciting battle awaits!!!
Feel it!!!!!”




DOWNLOAD: Undead vs Demon v 1.1.3(APK) MOD

Thanks for downloading!

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