World Conqueror 4 (MOD, Free Shopping)

If you are a man or woman who loves totally tactical and thoughtful video games, this is the game for you. World Conqueror 4 is a series of contemporary video games on the conquered planet Conqueror with the help of EASYTECH. The previous three parts have had some success, so producers have no reason not to pass the quarter on to participants. The game style is still the same as before, but there are many useful upgrades.

As we all know, although we don’t like war, it has brought much suffering and suffering to everyone. And World Conqueror is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying series of mobile games to simulate what the fight did. They play the leading role in a big international fight. In this direction, the possibility to change the arena is on the palm of your hand.

Do special things, World Conqueror 4 unlike other video games. In order to fully and comprehensively simulate a global battlefield, in-game battles take their place on the international map. From there, participants can demonstrate their skills and tactics to control the battlefield. Before you started this sport, you became fit to like your own allies or fascists. However, there is no need to decide which aspect is not necessary, as participants can fully discuss the predicament and reverse history of the outcome of the war. Despite all of this, this is definitely an intellectual and tactical game.

As the leader of a powerful army, you don’t have to fight, instead the participants will manage the myriad of people involved in the fight. Match matches and win with enemies. Entertainment weapons include artillery, missiles, planes, tanks, submarines, warships and marines. Try to conquer enemy bases, docks, where they interact with different foods or important intersections. It seems that the calculation, the stable force, the decision of the weapon with any exceptional enemy, so as not to waste on sensitive enemies, is no longer in the vulnerable aspect of passing through the strong forces. In addition, gamers can charge their own money in single player mode to hire more generals. They will work with you to show you the most thorough way.

In terms of graphics, this is a strategy game, so the brand no longer creates fascinating 3D graphics, but rather the players create a tactical sport with a second image, weapons and The battlefield is designed in line with lifestyle. Makes the player assume to describe an old photo in this game.


1. Background
Over 100 extremely good campaigns based on real battles in history correspond to Dunkirk, Stalingrad, Pearl Harbor Harbor
emerged as a military commander and won with intelligence agencies and naval commanders

2. overcome
Would you like to know how the fight took place? Entertainment ensures that you master the best battles in history, comparable to the Second World War of 1939 and 1943, the Cold War of 1950 and today’s battle of 1943, 1980s
Select a country on the map and simulate a fight there
build houses, armories, universities and more
The ranking of the participants with the best score is likely to be constantly updated.

3. Dominate
Choose the most famous generals of the past and take part in your fight
The medals you get after each fight show your skills
The entire mission is assigned
Research into new technology know-how and improve the tactical efficiency of all units

– You will be a member of over a hundred campaigns in 50 special international locations around the world. Meet 230 real past generals and 216 military items.
– Try to use high-tech know-how weapons that are comparable to rockets, nuclear submarines and helicopters
– Famous architectural wonders from around the world
– Revolutionary AI science is planned
– The world map can also be enlarged or reduced!!

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