The Battle Cats (Unlimited Money/Food)

Fighting cats – cats are cute animals and seem particularly innocent (but not now, you know). Although reality is now not as sensitive as a dog, but with a smooth and docile look, many people choose to appear as pets. Maybe the cats with whom you just look lazy just consume and sleep and are devastated. But in the fight against cats, they are brave warriors, against the unhealthy, to protect our earth. Cat Fight is a strategic entertainment launched by the PONOS organization. You don’t know what’s in this game? We’ll examine it right below.

Our history

The earth has economic problems, creates a good situation, makes men and women tired and now seems to want to do nothing more. At the same time, strange creatures have attacked the human world. They strive to wipe out all vitality from strong and nuclear plants to provide their destructive power. When the extermination machine is effectively built, the ruling animal regime is positioned; Individuals become their slaves. And now most cats can effectively block these evil targets from attacking. Please accompany the cat warriors k!

Tower defense × fighting game

Battle Cats is a strategy game, but has the same gameplay as the tower security video game. In every sport you have to use the army of cats to protect your base and even destroy the ground of the enemy’s unusual animal. The manipulation mechanism in this sport is quite simple; You just have to contact the cat icon at the bottom of the screen. The cats you choose will likely be exported from the base and will head towards the enemies to attack them.

In the beginning you have very few fighting cats. But over time, you will free the stronger cats as you complete the missions and advance to a higher level. Every cat has a certain fighting ability, and you can improve them so that they have more strength. This is the bottom line that is given when war zones are accelerated. You have to face powerful enemies and have an extra large drive. For this reason, of course, you cannot win if your expertise is weaker than them. However, you should also note that updating utilities and unlocking new cat characters costs gold. So try to complete the mission and win to win a lot of gold!


Cat fight is considered a fairly simple video game picture. Despite the fact that it stands out no more than 3D games, it shows its excitement and amiability. The animals are comfortably designed, with just a few strokes, but with a special charm that makes the players passionate. In terms of sound, Cat Fight offers players interesting historical music, humorous humor and fun for the players.

The final part

Typically, in a strategy game, you need to find a logical way to figure out the plan to attack the enemy, but in the Battle of the Cats it all seems a lot easier. You only need to click to increase the battlefield reinforcement. The whole thing is computerized and you shouldn’t put much effort into thinking about it. In short, just in case you’re watching a fun pastime to get rid of a day’s tiredness or to get rid of the usual boring area, fighting cats is an alternative. specifically.

MOD information?

– A lot of money and food!!

Version: 9.4.0
Size: 116MB
Google Play Link


The Battle Cats [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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