Skull Towers (MOD, Unlimited Money)

At the present time, it is probably It is no longer a favorite for Tower Defense games. Because the role-playing game, as well as the shooting, has almost dominated the entire market. Therefore, if the TD games want to continue to exist, there will have to be noticeable improvements. Most of them choose the direction of role-playing games, which means putting in compelling stories along with highly character customization. Obviously, this plan has brought a lot of positive signals for the return of this game genre on the entertainment map of the world. People have paid more attention and given valuable reviews so that customers can develop their products in the right direction, properly serving the needs of the players. Skull Towers has just appeared but has achieved its own success, seeming superior to other products of the same category.


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Skull Towers is a product from the publisher “1Coin” – a unit that has received a lot of trust from heaven thanks to its diverse product categories. Honestly, this publisher has a lot of games that have a tendency to follow the style of many big plays. However, there is creativity to make players can instantly feel the different characteristics that make up their own style. “Skull Towers” is the representative of the game series in countless names often mentioned in the offline game community.


Compared to the same category of products, the “Skull Towers” is much more successful in terms of using graphics. Fighting against other goalkeeper games, you often get 2D maps. But for this game, you use a 3D playground with a lot of changes that seem to make the gameplay utterly different from your name. The fact that the game uses the first view for its players has brought about a desirable improvement. I will talk more about the gameplay in the following paragraph, but with a change of perspective, its gameplay probably contains half of the role of RPGs. That is the exact direction that “1Coin” has been planned for its follow-up products. Indeed, the creative team worked very well with their products; their dedication was rewarded in a way that deserved more than a million visits right on Google Play.



For a role-playing game, a story that players can learn and curious about the next move is indispensable. The “Skull Towers” has equipped itself with a timeline, although it is quite simple still offers excitement for players to access the game.

You will be the captain of the border defense team doing your job very well. No enemy can invade the kingdom you are serving. But one day, your enemy is no longer human, but supernatural forces capable of destroying the country within one night. As a brave leader, she could not lose. The player will have to use all his efforts to repel the waves of enemies, monsters, evil and Rome skeletons, … The types of monsters coming from hell regularly appear threatening to peace of the kingdom. Your success and bravery have spread to the king’s ears, and you become the last hope of the people here. Players are ready to bows and arrows with towers and protect all the places where monsters appear that threaten the peace of the people.



Is probably when you approach this game, you will have to forget all the definitions that you had before about the game of goalkeeper. Skull Towers uses the player’s first perspective to deploy gameplay. That means she will be equipped with a bow and an infinite number of arrows. Enemies will advance from afar, and the player will have to shoot them all before the monsters reach and kill you. Reading the enemy’s distance traveled will have lots of bases where you can put towers on it. They will be a tool to assist players in reducing the life force. The control mechanism of the game is also quite easy when you will touch the screen and the text a bit to get the focus. Then move your finger on the screen to focus on the enemy. So when you release your finger, the nose will immediately rush in the specified direction.

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