Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense (MOD HP/Gold)


Have you ever wished to become an intelligent king? You will need to build and develop your country while also protecting the country from the invaders of the bad guys. Is not it simple? Royal Revolt 2 will be the place for you to transform into a king and show your talents, despite the difficulties, but will leave you the most enjoyable experience.



The background of Royal Revolt 2 takes place in the Middle Ages. A country is divided into small lands and ruled by many lords. Each of them had the ambition to destroy the other lords and to take the throne. You need to stand up and unify the territorial integrity, start building the development of your kingdom.


Take control of your king and lead your army in battle

According to the predecessor of this game, Royal Revolt 2 will allow you to become a young military prince to defend the country, fighting to expand your territory. Compared to Royal Revolt 1, the second part of the game is not only a player of the game but also the attack and defence elements. Players must protect their territory, attack the enemy land and build a castle, expand the line of defence and pitfalls to prevent the enemy attack. You will receive experience points and gold coins after each battle.


Use them to upgrade your troops to increase power, build large buildings, ramparts, etc. You can create dangerous traps throughout your territory and then lead the enemy. Enter the danger zone and kill all of them quickly. Also, engage in expeditions and invade enemies to expand your territory. For the controls, tap directly on the place where you want to move, then use the skill table provided at the bottom of the screen, reach the opponent and touch to perform the attack. It’s easy, is not it?



Royal Revolt 2 has beautiful 3D graphics. The interface of the game is designed colourful and lively very honest. The protagonist is thoroughly caring, showing the spirit of a young king full of talent. Effects that players use the skill is very nice, making the player feel more fun. The sound is the same as the original; the music is rushed to create a sense of suspense.



As a king, you will have to develop your country while fighting against opponents around the world. However, you need to have a stable Internet connection to be able to experience this game. Do not hesitate any longer, download Royal Revolt 2 MOD and join the battle for the throne now.

Google Play Link


Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense (Google Play)

Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense MOD (APK FILE)

Thanks for downloading!

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