Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin APK Mod Unlimited Mana (Update v1.63.0.199)

Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin is a great combination of tactics and classic management added a number of unique elements to the gameplay that promises to be a new breeze in the strategy action games becoming saturated today. Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin for Android was released just after a week when it was top of the Apple Store game charts. Like the classic strategy game, players will certainly have no trouble in the process of understanding and how to operate the game. However, to create a breakthrough, especially with heavy opponents such as Clash of Clans or many other strategy games on Google Play, the father of Samurai Siege needs to make a difference.

Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin APK v1.63.0.199 Mod Unlimited Mana download latest for Android

Rival Kingdoms APK is a strategic management game where you have to do somethings such as collecting resources, upgrading the facilities and attacking enemies. It is not enough to miss the features of the battle. In Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin, you are provided with enough troops in each new battle, allowing you to ambush troops anywhere on the screen. This is considered a bright spot compared to the same type of game.

Rival Kingdoms APK Mod main features

– Excellent graphics
– MMO gameplay, chat, and alliance with players around the world
– Revolutionary attack has up to 300 players play at the same time
– A fascinating campaign in an epic story
– Experience the best PVP
– Control all actions in real time
– No need to train soldiers – go straight into the fight
– Download and play for free
1. Unleash the power of the ancient gods
In the fight against Estara, you are not alone. You can summon the power of ancient gods being on your side whenever.
2. Discover a world destroyed
War is coming. The future of human beings is a dangerous situation. When you become a great defender force, you will be responsible for protecting Estara earth against the force of Ruin.
3. Multiplayer online mode
Alliance or against other players, occupy the castle of the unlucky ones to plunder their possessions. Earn medals and boxes as you increase Win Streak. Fight more to climb the charts and confirm the sovereignty of the kingdom in history.
4. Campaign
Fight to escape the planet Estara. Discover the wounded history of humanity and the ancients when participating in the campaign. Earn powerful rewards and unlock new abilities as you progress.
5. Kingdoms
Train loyalty with other players and set up your own kingdom. Climb the Kingdom Leagues by confronting enemies in multiplayer online Kingdom Wars. Playing within a kingdom can be assigned special missions such as Sentinels, Raiders, and Lords with different powers.
In the Kingdom mode, players can link together to form a kingdom and prepare for war. Individual players in their kingdom can be assigned specific roles, such as guards, lords, each of whom will have their own responsibilities and rewards.
6. Upgraded system
When you play, you need to upgrade to increase the Kingdom’s abilities. At Royal Mint, you can donate money to expand territory, new roles can be unlocked at the Hall of Champions and many new innovations are available at Harbor.

New features in version

– Rival Kingdoms will completely change your outlook on real-time strategy warfare games.
– Warfare broken out in real time is designed for next generation graphics
– Collect and evolve 18 ancient people having devastating powers
– Challenge friends and players around the world among the kingdoms together

Mod features

  • Unlimited Mana

Google Play Link


Rival Kingdoms (Google Play)

Rival Kingdoms (APK Mod File)

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