Plants vs Zombies Heroes (MOD, Heart/Sun)

Plants vs Zombies has long been one of the most important monuments to procedural video games. It’s worth noting that for some time it has become the standard entertainment on many PC PCs. This sport has a simple game and the style of the characters to participate in all the designed games. Because of its success, the Capcom publishing house has used the knowledge of this brand to offer many new types. Plants vs. Zombies: Backyard Battle 2 (2016), Harvest Against Zombies. Zombie Backyard War (2014), crop compared to zombie. Zombies 2 (2013), The Game Get lots of support from passionate players around the world.


The satisfying sports process series is back

Plants vs Zombies ™ Heroes is a product of collaboration between Capcom and EA. In several years of operation, more than 10 million of the most effective cases have been downloaded on the Google Play Discussion Board. Simply that has proven itself. If you enjoy the game, you will quickly understand that the most beautiful body is ancient and many other things are refreshing. You will see a more diverse character system with beautiful designs. The platforms also trade with newly updated maps, giving users the feeling they are experiencing a whole new product.


grow up. Win Chunk!

First, let’s look at the rules of the game Vegetation Vs. Zombie ™ Heroes hold, the hero, and the historical aspects in the conventional variant do not take into account. Despite the fact that they are classified as tactical video games, but a sport is a real-time strategy, the game you play after the harvest is a method compared to the Lemon Zombies Heroes ™. Headquarters. This means that when entering the color you will have five characters (new: you can choose to use characters from the zombie side or the plant side) to fight. With a completely new personality system, each one of them has a specific expertise. The players have to spend some time getting trained and forming a team that works with the same quality. Back to an awkward position, a personality can have two main indicators that just need to interest you. Health and Attack Statistics are probably displayed at the feet of each character, so you can easily manipulate.


Each turn, you may use your character to attack another character. Your point of attack immediately affects your opponent’s blood. Find ways to destroy enemies in the quickest and simplest way, ideally with the most effective and with enough injuries. A shape ends when an aspect destroys all the characters in the ring. In addition, the game generates variables as players accumulate enough strength to unleash another talent. Choose a personality with targeted benefits that impress him the most. Usually, an ability can help change the end result of the entire game.


The game has great graphics. Heroes and wood are drawn in many cartoons, which makes the player more excited. You will see that the zombies are lovely and not as scary as in the movie. Seasonal heroes against zombie heroes abound; It lets you create an extraordinary array of heroes and use them in any special case. The publisher also added garments and hairstyles for the characters. From there, players can freely design their characters and transform them into many unique shapes.

MOD Information

1. infinite solar energy
2. Infinite heart
4. Low sun opponent
5. Low heart!!

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Plants vs Zombies Heroes [MOD] [APK FILE]

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