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Are you ready to step into a new world? The world of war and the strong are the winners, where wisdom and strength determine all. Are you curious or confident you can survive and become one of the strongest, own a kingdom and take your country to the top of glory? Come to Kingdoms & Lords – an extremely exciting game created by Gameloft publisher – to experience and have a great time in the world of this game!



You are returning to the Middle Ages with powerful warrior tribes. At this time, the peace and quiet of the villages were broken by the barbarian sack. The war broke out and everyone tried to defend their village, constantly developing and training the army to fight. However, everything goes back to the worst: The Dark King is back with boundless power. He intends to invade all territories across the continent and become global hegemon. It is time to stand up, build your village more and more powerful and establish a coalition against him.


The game is up to level. You will play a leader who manages a fertile land. Your village is threatened by the invasion of the world of dark forces along with frequent battles with other tribes. Your mission is to become a great leader, using your great strategy to help your land grow stronger enough to counter many powerful forces.

What do you need to do to be able to proclaim one? The first thing you need to do is economic development throughout your territory. Do not stop expanding and clearing your land. Exploit land for agriculture such as food crops, industrial crops, and cattle poultry. From the development of agriculture, you will earn a lot of money, from which to expand the product line of different kinds of goods, the more benefit.


The money you will invest part of the business, another part to grow your army. You can buy a large army, then train them to improve their combat experience, equip them with powerful weapons, … Each type of warrior will have a particular strength, and you need to declare. Waterfalls are suitable for their ability, placing them in a reasonable position in the legion to get the best combat power. Because you will always face war, economic wealth and military growth are extremely necessary. Setting up appropriate fighting strategies for your army, invading neighboring countries and plundering resources from them will also help you to become more affluent. But be careful because you will also suffer the same plagiarism, good defense, and the enemy will not dare array to the land belongs to you. Increasing the ranks of buildings and unlocking new buildings will help you grow stronger. And joining alliances with other nations will help each other a lot in developing.


3D graphics

The game has nice 3D graphics with heroic characters wanting to look like. The bright colors along with the effects bring a lively feel to the player. Space in the game also has much different scenery, from forest to mountain to sea, even between volcanic crater, … You will be witnessed many scenes full of fantasy.


A fun and exciting game that you should try, it is Kingdoms & Lords MOD. With pretty simple gameplay but very strategic and computational, you will have unforgettable fighting moments. Build a kingdom and become a hegemon, but what’s more amazing, download and play today!

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