Great Conqueror: Rome

Ancient Roman Empire was considered one of the most powerful empires in history. Do you know of great commanders like Caesar and Augustus with two Tam Hung regimes that made the Roman empire strong and seemingly without opponents? Great Conqueror: Rome will bring you back to Rome’s most flourishing time. You will have the opportunity to stand side by side with the best commanders in battle and with them to overcome the ups and downs of history. In the past, the battle of Constantinople marked the fall of Rome by the Ottoman Empire. However, you can completely change this historical landmark and develop more powerful Roman with the Great Conqueror: Rome.



Background of the Great Conqueror: Rome was built in 753 before Christ to 509 before Christ when the Roman empire entered the Roman Republic. At this time, the Roman Empire was just a small empire, not really growing and they were actively building the army. Around Rome are other powerful empires that are conquering Rome and uniting Rome to become part of their territory. They will turn the people of Rome into slaves and exploit them to exhaustion. You are the head of Rome, you need to protect your territory and its people.



Great Conqueror: Rome is a strategy game – simulation. Tron this game, the player becomes the leader of the Roman Empire and the player’s task is to build his country to become the most powerful. You need to build an army to defend the kingdom, resist invasions from other empires, and you can bring your army to conquer other empires and merge into your kingdom…

In terms of fighting mechanism, you will not have to control the characters to fight, but every mechanism will take place in the form of simulation, recreating the battle perfectly. However, Great Conqueror : Rome is a tactical game so the results of the battles depend largely on your tactics of using troops.


Many attractive game modes

Great Conqueror: Rome has 3 game modes for you to choose Campaign mode, conquest mode, and exploratory mode. In it, the campaign regime will recreate hundreds of historical battles spanning Africa, Europe, and Asia and you can see how the process of Rome has grown into a great empire. You will be commanded by your army and take part in big battles like the Punic War, the Spartacus Rebellion, The Conquest of Gaul, Caesar’s Civil War, Antony’s Civil War, the Eastern Conquest, The conquest of Germany and more. However, in order to win victories, you need to take advantage of the features in this mode to build cities, recruit units of soldiers, war equipment manufacturing, building units. naval, research and development of new weapons technology, …


Conquest mode: In this mode, you will conquer powerful empires from the Mediterranean to the British Isles. Here the Egyptian and Carthage institutions, the Gaul tribes, the German peoples, the Eastern Empire are growing strongly and they are trying to gain control of the entire region. In this mode, you will have the opportunity to participate in historical battles such as the Punic War of the Roman Republic, the first triumvirate of Caesar and the Second Triumvirate of Augustus. You can build foreign policies and create relationships with other empires to spread and expand the territory together. However, the wars in this regime will be fierce and seemingly impossible to end if you cannot unify the empires.


Adventurous mode: In this mode, you will lead your entire army and lead them to explore many different lands. At every moment, you can encounter difficulties and dangers by the attack of another army. You have to use tactics and deploy forces in an ingenious way to limit the losses. This mode brings you new challenges and new difficulties. Can you win the title of talented military and conquer the most powerful empires?


The Senate

The Senate is part of the Roman Empire. It was established very early and was a place for councilors to advise the king and also a place to elect new Roman kings. Every day, the Senate will issue tasks for you to perform. Train soldiers to improve combat skills, upgrade skills for generals, recruit new soldiers units such as cavalry, archers, and navy, … Every time you complete missions You will receive valuable rewards provided by the Senate. In addition, you can also build historic buildings such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Great School, the Temple of the Gods, and more!

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