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Jack Sparrow is no stranger to the people who love the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie series produced by Bruckheimer. He is known for his intelligence, insidious, and ability to negotiate. Besides, Jack Sparrow is one of Brethren’s nine dominates, controlling the seven oceans. Sure, once in your life you also want to become a talented person like Jack, don’ you? The DOKDO game that I am introducing here will allow you to become a captain and show off your boat skills on the massive oceans.


The King Of Sea

DOKDO is a simulation game released by Zzoo. You will be portrayed as a captain, and embark on a journey around the world of the sea. However, in the sea you pass, it contains many dangerous, the outstanding are pirates. You will face them throughout the journey, so the game has provided you with a battle boat, with a powerful cannonball system. Your task is to navigate your boat very skillfully while dodging attacks from enemies, fire to destroy their ships. Sometimes, when you take down some opponents, they will drop the treasure, and that is your chance to have a lot of valuable resources.


This resource is used to upgrade your ship, and to make your army more powerful. However, you can not perform the progress in the ocean surface. Look for the islands where the harbor is located. Please lower the anchor and begin the upgrade process. There are five significant upgrades, corresponding to HP, Speed, Turning, Damage and Catch. You need to upgrade all these stats equally. If you have high damage stats, but the speed is too low, the enemies will destroy your ship easily. Because they are faster than you and your team can’t chase them. And with each upgrade will cost a lot of gold and the fishes in storage. You can earn more gold by collecting treasures, or defeating other opponents; about fishes, then you have to take it yourself during the sailing. Just fighting and fishing in the free time, you will live an exciting life ever!


DOKDO has two main modes of play, Story Mode and Arena Battle mode. In the story mode, the challenges are available in the system; you will have to complete the specific tasks in each level. Arena Battle mode will take you to the World Arena, where the battles of captains of the world participated to show their master skills.



Right now, you can become a captain and realize the dream of dominating the sea with DOKDO. With beautiful graphics, combined with excellent gameplay, you will be engaged in fierce battles to compete for territory. Download this game to war, do not let other people have the opportunity to lose your dream.

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Thanks for downloading!

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