DOKDO (MOD, free shopping)

Jack Sparrow is no stranger to the famous movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which was produced with the help of Bruckheimer. He is famous for his intelligence, cunning and negotiating skills. In addition, Jack Sparrow is undoubtedly one of the nine rulers of the brothers controlling the seven oceans. Sure, once you’re in your lifestyle, you want to be a talented person like Jack, right? The DOKDO game I’m going to introduce here will allow you to finish a captain and demonstrate your boat power on the big oceans.

Sea King

DOKDO is a simulation game released with Zzoo. They are portrayed as captains and experience the whole world of the sea. However, there are many drawbacks to the sea in which you move, terrible pirates. You will encounter them throughout the ride, so the game has equipped you with a fierce gun with a powerful cannon cannon approach. Your job is to deftly steer your boat as you dodge attacks from enemies and fireplaces to destroy their ships. If you defeat some opponents, they usually lose the treasure, and that is your danger of having more valuable resources.

This resource is used to upgrade your ship and strengthen your army. However, they can not achieve growth on the seabed. Search for islands where the harbor is located Please refrain from anchoring and upgrading methods. There are five big improvements, like HP, Speed, Rotation, Injury and Arrest. You have to bring all statistics to the same level. If you have an excessive injury index, but the speed is too low, the enemy will ruin your ship without any problem. due to the fact that they are faster than you and your team can hunt them. And with every improvement, a lot of gold and fish will be in store. You can use treasures to earn more gold or defeat other opponents. about fish, then you have to go on your own during the entire journey. Just fight and fish at your leisure. You will have a great lifestyle like never before!

DOKDO has two basic game modes: story mode and combat mode in the arena. In story mode, the challenge is close. You have to perform certain tasks at each stage. The combat mode in the arena leads you to the regional arena where the battles of the captain of the region take place to demonstrate their conquest advantage.


Now you can become a captain and understand the dream of dominating the sea with DOKDO. With beautiful pictures combined with the best gameplay, you will be engaged in fierce fighting to fight for territories. Download this game to fight. Do not let other people have the chance to lose your dream.!!

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