Soccer Star 2018 World Legend APK v4.0.0 (MOD Money)

Everyone knows that football is the most popular and famous sport, especially in big seasons like the World Cup. Have you ever wished to bring in one of the famous players and become the hero of the team? Join now Soccer Star 2018 World Legend: Road to Russia to have the opportunity to become a gold star on his phone. In addition to Score Match, this is one of the most recent and best football games for the 2018 World Cup. Not out of the real practice, not worried about being caught up in the daily schedule. Just with the phone in your hand, you can become a star.

Excited about the 2018 World Cup

Experience the feeling of being one of the most popular players in the world, such as Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar, showing off your skills through the characters you choose in the game. Surely you will not be disappointed with the unique design that the game brings. Just like a real player, the role that the player chooses will also have to do the job required by a football player. There are lots of areas where the character can practice, with the controls, the player must control the character to master the basic moves from easy to hard. Various training regimens such as the penalty, free kick, practice with other members to check on the progress of training and improve skills. Change tasks from midfield, defender or goalkeeper.

Become a legend

Then, you can bring the character to the match, participating in these activities will help the character show skills as well as learn the techniques of passing or holding the ball. From there, try to bring more goals for yourself as well as bring glory to your team. The achievements, prizes or beautiful balloons that you create can help the character in the game receive a lot of money, fame and admiration as a true football idol. The money you get can help you buy more practice gear, shoes that are more suitable for character battles.

Graphics and features

This is a multiplayer game so you can join your friends, set up your team and join the race for the World Cup. Try to win the best to see who owns the most goals and cups on the table of the game. The game is beautifully designed in 3-dimensional space; bright colours make clear the whole stadium so that players easily observe the opponent and his side. Besides, the costumes and characters are very similar to the world famous players today, giving players the feeling of being able to control their favourite idol.


World Cups are in the sprint phase, the world’s top teams have prepared for the fires in the beautiful country. You do not hesitate anymore but not to Soccer Star 2018 World Legend MOD to embody the talent show and passion for the ball. Users can find out more about the App Store and Google Play games with a pretty impressive number of users.

Google Play Link


Soccer Star 2018 World Legend (Google Play)

Soccer Star 2018 World Legend MOD (APK File)

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