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SEGA Pocket Club Manager (MOD Full)

Just a short time before the 2018 World Cup in Russia. During this time, some of the entertainment devices that have been added to the cooling system have launched many products to attract their customers. On television, the shows accompany the nation’s film team on the way to the event or some information about the group and the players. The information website also quickly updates the difficult situation in the host country due to security gaps, stadiums and many others. The game market is even heating up with many new games related to football. Also released because favorite games are similar to football management order, Top Eleven, Pro Evolution Soccer.

SEGA is one of the strongest Japanese manufacturers in this game market. And they don’t hesitate to use these skills to generate more sales for their company. The supervisors of SEGA POCKET members are a brand new entertainment that they have just launched to benefit from the upcoming World Cup. This is a new sport, but it is a combination of the most famous sport and is still determined by the football manager.


Guide your team to the Cup Arena

In this SEGA Pocket membership monitoring game, you manipulate not only the players you like, but also an important team. You have to take care of all life points, trackers and competitors. Before this sport, soccer players need to be fed and rested safely, along with common practice, to simplify control. In addition, you can collect enthusiastic players from many leagues around the world for your team. In addition, you can create your own new players to educate them to end a strong player in their own way.

Stylish cartoons

SEGA is very adept at integrating historical games into more snapshots. In the beginning the soccer field was as big and soft as possible. Using the rating will likely create the beauty of the beautiful soccer field that conventional games have shown. Although the Personality game is designed with a nice type, it doesn’t make this sport so childish that adults can easily fall in love. Football players, commentators, hosts and spectators are drawn in the Chibi style. With this intellect, their heads are expanded and described in factors, while various factors are reduced.


Full 3D images of the soccer field with endless cheers made the outfit completely painful. By optimizing the manufacturer’s movement so that the sport is also mobile compatible, the steps of passionate players or their advantage on the field are correct. Still, the game rarely had problems with snapshot errors.


because the reputation of fashion entertainment is shifting to sponsoring SEGA video games that have gone in the right direction. Not to mention that the World Cup is designed to make the game hotter than ever. Use the team with the passionate players you admire with the intention of winning many tournaments in this sport to help toilet wax. Referring to your achievements with your friends can also be an effective way to show your love for the game.!!

Version: 1.0.4
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