Fishing Strike (MOD damage & more)

Underwater world communicates in a wonderful secret about color, fish swim on colorful corals. All of them create a characteristic miracle that you cannot be on land. And for many anglers, catching a rare and wide species is an unforgettable feat. You need to immerse yourself in great fishing, be an experienced fisherman and own big fish. Comes with fishing strike.

Do you like fishing?

Become a member of the Fishing Strike MOD sport like other anglers. You will have a fishing rod and start the journey. There are many characters to choose from, male, female and male. Every man or woman is unique and has an indispensable fishing specialty so that he can fish at any time. At sea there are many different types of fish such as mackerel, sharks, big and small tuna, sea grass, coral reefs and even the blue sea.

They eliminate a diverse and beautiful underwater species. The main thing is whether you can capture them or not. Take advantage of the fundamental benefits of knowing when the fish will bite and how to pull them up without losing the anger of the large, aggressive fish that are now fighting for them. Especially for the white sharks, they are damned after chopping them, and they are very strong. If you don’t need the power to deal with these cases, they can get out and they’re very sorry

Totally exceptional from different video games

The home for gamers who long to experiment with a fishing rod is unlimited. When you feel free and can most effectively go to the river or lake, you mostly look forward to biting the fish, but they are small and just a few freshwater species, but when it comes to fishing strike, players cannot go to five countries travel, don’t need to book tickets, don’t have to worry about cash. With just a few on-screen controls, you can go anywhere to experience new adventures with new achievements. Another change in this sport is that the portrait is very striking and appropriate.

Designed to become an experienced fisherman

From the fish in the water, it forces you to control the fishing rod. Everyone was impressed by the feeling of becoming a ruin. The fish you fish can also be bought with your possessions, but you can bring your own to create a new aquarium, and the creatures are the ones you can save. Wouldn’t it be great to be equipped to look at your little tank, watch out for fish every day, and show off to your friends? Fishing is a popular pastime these days, so more players may be involved. That’s why the Fishing Strike entertainment has organized fishing competitions where you can prove your advantage, join your friends and win prizes. However, these are basically the most valuable prices. Rewards are prizes. The best fisherman in the world, fits the most perfect personality with the most useful fish.

Virtual truth science

Some of the highlights of this sport are VR and AR technology! These are the 2 most advanced technologies of the future. Customers can fish wonderfully outdoors on their mobile phones. Exactly the secret of virtual reality technology appears in the favorite games that are reminiscent of Pokemon Go, Jurassic World Alive. Therefore Fishing Strike can be a great sport.


When you come to Fishing Strike MOD, you will demonstrate your fishing advantage and take part in the game to become the winner. The game is ready to go and is expected to become a useful playground for many people who like to fish and chat after hard work and study days.


x20 DMG / Stretch GAGE ​​/ AUTO forged

Install MOD

– Download the .xapk file
– Use the XAPK installer to place the XAPK file!!

Version: 1.32.2
Size: 250MB
Google Play Link


Fishing Strike [MOD V1.22.2] [XAPK File]

Fishing Strike [V1.32.2] [APK File] [GDRIVE LINK]

Fishing Strike [V1.32.2] [OBB File]

Thanks for downloading!

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