Dunk Hit (Update v1.3.0) Mod

As we all know, last week Rolly Vortex was the most spectacular sport in the App Store and Play Store. The game is not complicated, but very exciting and for a long time producer VooDoo has achieved special successes for his religious son.

Download Dunk Hit APK / IPA v1.three.0 Mod for Android / IOS

With over a hundred thousand downloads from the App Store for iOS and Android devices, there’s no reason why the manufacturer may not be releasing more exciting new titles and updating historical games. Dunk Hit is a prime example of the best updated variant. Play the game and experience Dunk Hit.

An addictive engagement game

Dunk Hit1 game can be very simple. Your job is to put the ball in the basket and try to get the best ranking for yourself. However, the problem is not as simple as you think, like with Flappy Chook. You need to contact the screen to make the jump, but learn how to keep the ball from flying and be in the basket to get it an item. The ball will fly faster, control will be even more difficult. There is no way to play differently and no other support items than your arms and eyes. Dunk Hit is a top-notch pastime game on the App Store and Google Play. It helps you train your ability to quickly focus and assess on any obstacle.

VooDoo – from wise founder to large company

VooDoo developers come from wonderful France, where their goods had few previous users, with about 5000 of the most effective downloads in the mobile app market. Thanks to their tireless efforts and intelligent innovations, they have won an attractive number of 25 million international customers. They are amazing. The extensive voodoo products include Snake VS Block, Flappy Dunk, Paper.io and most recently Rolly Vortex. All of their products are cared for by indulgence and help us to have the right funny moments behind the cell phone.


Dunk Hit for Android / iOS is a fun game worth downloading this week. If you have any doubts that please pay attention, please download your mobile phone with the following two files, the APK file (for Android) and .IPA (for iPhone / iPad) and explore with your friends. You will fall in love with it like an espresso. If you pass on the ads shown on the reveal, you can spend an additional $ 1.25 to buy a more accomplished version of the ads. This provides more expertise.!!

Google Play Link


Dunk Hit Mod (APK File)

Dunk Hit (App Store)

Thanks for downloading!

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