Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot (MOD, Unlimited Stamina)

Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot – Did your childhood have anything to do with Japanese manga? Doraemon, Conan, Naruto or Captain Tsubasa are part of your childhood memories. For me, the passion for football comes from this boy, the youth football team, who has always been interested in this childhood report. April 3rd in Japan will be another big event for me. Captain Tsubasa could release a new TV anime. At the same time, the live sports concept opens the pre-registered portal to offer game and football fans around the world outstanding results. A conversation that debuted and met the needs of three viewers: entertainment fans, Anime fans of Captain Tsubasa, and soccer fans. This is a great signal for manufacturers

In October of last year we were happy about a sport exercise by the KLap team, Captain Tsubasa: Dream. It has caused a fever for a very long time. Currently, this sport has reached 1 million downloads and more than ten thousand games a day. This proves that the captured Captain Tsubasa never loses weight. Today we still have a new game called Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Magic shot. This time, however, the man or woman is behind the Sport LINE – a great man in the development of mobile games from South Korea.


Soccer and more

Sport called Captain Tsubasa Zero: Kimero! Miracle Shot is a real-time soccer game that tells the story of the protagonist Tsubasa and other adults. Obviously, this sport will be the journey of the protagonist Tsubasa and his teammates during his time with football, the feeling of comfort, sadness and fiery competitions. And above all, they grew up together and were successful on the soccer field. Enthusiastic players play the captain’s talent and take part in the sport in real time. At the moment, this sport has not been published in great detail because it is certain that the characters, all scenes from small to large, that are designed in a sharp 3D structure, may not face many difficulties. more than a recommendation. They want to have a huge vision and bend their fingers to control turbo players over opponents.

Discover the plot through the game

There are many game modes that you can explore that fit the customization mode. This is an automatic mode in which you can follow the group you have just set up to resist your opponent. All specified movements of the player are adequately demonstrated in order to be trained and observed accordingly. Mode predominant mode The mode is a storyteller and helps players to recognize the action in the anime as an adult. There are likely additional scripts in the middle of the screen to inform you as much as possible about the Tsubasa report. There is also a method for those who have not made anime to watch the sequence.

If you are interested in modern updates of this sport, follow our website most of the time or register in advance by following the official LINE account or the LINE account. Captain Tsubasa Zero APK was created and published on both iOS and Android structures, so you can be sure that you can play on most smart instruments these days. It is an entry ticket for you to return to your childhood as if you were fulfilling your passion for football. Have fun with this blockbuster.

MOD information?

1.MOD menu
2. Weakness. High labor force Statistical indicators show high indices!!

Version: 1.12.1
Size: 84MB
Google Play Link


Captain Tsubasa Zero [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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