Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team (MOD, Unlimited Stamina)

Captain Tsubasa’s brand new sports game: Dream staff is here! Vote for your favorite players, build your dream team and compete against other customers around the world! Special skills should begin like the story of Captain Tsubasa Hui! Tsubasa Ozora Kojiro Hyugas Shot Tiger Tiger Shot Force Show On this fascinating 3D puppet all exact talents that differ from the fashion sequence are reproduced! You won’t have to miss outfits by the fireplace!

manipulate your team and win every trophy

– match: game controls optimized for smartphones, improved usability for more intuitive video games and more intuitive stimulation for important games to win an authentic reward! Compete with other groups to become a field on the field, to conquer and conquer the football world! Relive the restlessness, restlessness and feeling of the characters of the normal series in story mode! Remember Tsubasa’s excessive school days.
– Personalize the crew, the members: your players, teams, football departments, etc. can be freely personalized so that you can put together a unique dream crew of your own!
– Increase the vitality of your players: gamers have the right to teach football players to educate them! Can also transfer precise skills between characters! Use your enthusiastic gamers to activate your initial process, then show your opponents the strength to see what you’re up to!

The Dream Tsubasa Dream staff mainly work with their 3D photos and the characters in the game are modeled after the humorous instructions of the same character, Captain Tsubasa. There are many well-known characters in this series: Genzō Wakabayashi, Tsubasa Oozora, Kojirō Hyūga, Tarō Misaki, Ken Wakashimazu, Sanae Nakazawa, Ryō Ishizaki

In terms of the basics of the game, this recovery is similar to some other sporting event games. Each team can have ten players in a stadium at the same time, but the best way to play it is. Dream staff is a lot. It’s a bit more customizable, but it differs from the typical physical activity games we saw in FIFA 18, the football manager. As a result, the general participants need to be trained in some rules to be able to participate in the game more easily. Dream Tsubasa Dream Mod APKs total workforce is a good sport for sports and big event lovers and certain manga. The plot of this sport is based on the famous comic series Captain Tsubasa, so perhaps many passionate gamers have familiarized themselves with the characters here. Finally, download and test our mod version if playing sports is too complicated.

You must have access to save sports data to external storage. Receive notifications, replace applications. If a person is running Android or higher, the application can be used even if the entry is not granted.

Anime coloring pages are familiar. It is a useful recreational sport for your excitement with the ball. Take control of the game, take part in the fight and enjoy the fame while you and the workforce receive respectable awards. Apart from making friends with different people on the planet with the same hobby as first class, right?

MOD Information

1.Mod. Menu
2. Weak opponents (works best in story mode) -> Watch in videos
Number three. Switchable Enemies (All Modes)
4. Opponents can attack in the network (all modes)
5. Enemies have no energy (all modes)
6. Infinite Endurance (All Modes)!!

Google Play Link


Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team [MOD BYPASS] [APK FILE]

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team [MOD SIGN] [APK FILE]

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team [MOD UNSIGN] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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