Basketball Stars (MOD, Easy Perfect Shot)

In the past, many violent action games were selected by the player. But many developers are loyal to this sport. including the developer has many blockbusters that resemble strike football – multiplayer football, Bowmasters, Archery King, Strawberry Shortdding BerryRush, Rail Rush and Soccer Stars. recently launched Basketball Star with many specific elements. Let us explore the basketball star with us.

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World basketball star rivals ready to go. Rivals from around the world are starting to chase. The nation wants skills like you to gain fame. Your chance has come, join hundreds of people around the world to sign up and win the Global Basketball Star competition.

Multiplayer basketball

Basketball star has a tactical game and requires a lot of intelligence and intellect from the players. The gameplay is usually similar to a real basketball tournament. In basketball stars, you should play dribble, catch the ball, throw it in the basket, and get a leaderboard. The higher your rank, the more you will be paid into your account. Be sporty to get more accurate results. Fast entertainment requires quick and quick training. The game has 1-on-1 games. You have to make sure that the opponent doesn’t score. Go through the gaps to deceive and rate your opponent. It’s all about you. Try to get a perfect score. The user interface is relatively simple to help avid gamers manage their personality more easily. The game helps customers relax and gain more valuable insights from the game. You can also use Basketball Stars to investigate another video game from Create effective and advantageous working hours.

Sport mode

Currently, this sport has two basic modes: attack – protect and shoot racing.

Attack – Defender is a PvP suit. While you are a member of, you can choose your character in the attack function (keep ball) or in the safe function (no ball). Regarding the pitching method, all controls are relatively simple if the participant strokes the screen skillfully so that the ball falls into the highest basket. If you want to change characters, you should swipe left or right. Although it is important to position the ball in the basket, you need to be agile and follow the right process to be successful. Absolutely not for the opponent to win the ball.

don’t like to attack – Defender is not afraid of his opponents in race photography mode. In my opinion, both players will even throw. Whoever throws the ball into the basket wins.


The basketball star has particularly vivid 3D photos. The fine print in the game is carefully maintained to really describe strong competitors. First-class sound with appealing background music, so that the players think moderately and can have fun in every round. The cheers were strong. Basketball Stars can be downloaded and played for free. However, an internet connection is required for this game. Some items in the application that you must own must be paid for in cash.

Results always tries to listen to player suggestions and update extremely modern elements for the whole sport. Confident, basketball star will be the standard at some point. Install it and millions of people worldwide specialize in entertainment basketball stars

MOD data?

1. The last continuous shot
– The shooting is always ideal (must go in the tires)
2. Continuous backboard hit
– Receive backboard rewards continuously without pressing
3. The happy lucky ball
– (Works against the most beautiful AI) Every ball is a lucky ball = +2 traits per shot
four. Mute AI
– (Only works in contrast to AI) The enemy doesn’t move!!

Version: 1.26.0
Size: 58M
Google Play Link


Basketball Stars [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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