True Surf (MOD, Unlimited Money)

True Surf – Sports is one of the things that make people the most excited. Many people find it fun to stay home and watch football, baseball or basketball. It is fun in their free time. But there are also some who want to go out and play attractive sports. In short, many people in the world are interested in physical activity as well as the form of entertainment that accompanies it.


Surfing is also a popular form of entertainment in many countries around the world. It is also considered an adventure sport that makes many people fascinated with it. Even this game has a world championship. But there are also a lot of people because of the conditions that are not allowed or some other reason they can not play this fascinating sport. So they need a real game to experience the feelings that surfers are enjoying.


Official Mobile Game of WSL

True Surf is a newly launched game on the Appstore that is loved by many and downloaded to your phone. It even topped the top two in the sports gaming catalog on the most trusted IOS download site. Players will experience a game with elaborate graphics. You seem to feel the splendor of the waves coming. And the feeling of driving a board on such huge natural phenomena is extremely exciting.



As described by the producer True Axis, it is a THE WORLD’S MOST AUTHENTIC SURFING GAME. We can enjoy surfing contests designed with True Axis’ best-in-class True Physics. Besides, Surfline weather forecasts are available in 21 locations around the world. Not only a game, but it’s also a real competition when you’re going to have to surf in real time. True Surf does everything to clear the gap between game and reality.


3D realistic graphics

The three most interesting features of the game are that you can upgrade characters, evolve equipment and find the toughest waves in the world. When choosing your character, you will be allowed to design their appearance. After playing the game and collecting rewards from the producer, you can make your character have higher stats. Upgrading equipment is also a way for players to achieve achievements and record that make others jealous. The last thing is to find for yourself the most difficult life to conquer it and make the myths about yourself. In addition, the game offers world championships in surfing so you can compete with all the great players in the world.

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True Surf [MOD] [APK FILE]

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