The Sims FreePlay (MOD, Points/Simoleons/VIP)

> If you see simulation entertainment for Android, The Sims FreePlay is the quality game you can search for.

Digital ARTS – a famous entertainment game with sports that harassed players with games: crop and zombies. No better, there are many other great merchandise that resemble Star Wars ™: Galaxy of Heroes, Real Racing 3, or FIFA football. At a glance, we can see that these are video games that draw a lot of curiosity and love from the gaming community. The writer has mastered all of his youth from portrait to content and game of this sport. And the results they convey are invaluable.

Digital ARTS continues to bring great products to the public and recently launched The Sims FreePlay. In contrast to previous goods, which no longer act and enjoy the position or technology, The Sims FreePlay this time is a simulation entertainment that conveys the know-how of a new world and a fate to the players. New, meet new people! If in many cases you feel irritated or disgusted about things that shouldn’t be available to you, try joining The Sims FreePlay and the whole thing could be under your control. Your reason. Find out more about this recreation through the game.


Create your own life

become a member of The Sims FreePlay; You will appear as residents in a beautiful city. Here you will live as a normal person, go to school, work, interact with friends and relationships. When you start the game, the system will create a video draft to introduce it to. Here is an overview of how to play and what to do in the near future. The first thing you should do is create your personality.

Customize your favorite character

A user interface is displayed on the screen where you can select your gender, skin color and outfit and make a name for yourself. Once you have the personality, you will be directed by the procedure to participate. The first tasks are particularly easy and include detailed instructions. For example, if you feed a dog, buy a piece of furniture, cut off a whole new piece of land, you may be surprised if our personality no longer exists. Where do I get the money to buy things from? I just mentioned above, fair? Every time you complete a challenge, you will receive some bonuses and can use it to buy something.

Your personality will want a different kind of job from the start than a different career or relationship. And every time you do detailed tasks, you get promoted and open up new characters, new experiences. Each person has their own obligations; They will do separate tasks in the city and build extraordinary constructions. The game offers up to fifty-four levels and 34 exclusive styles. That means you will manage many characters without delay. After that, I will show you some quick approaches to generating revenue in Sims FreePlay.

Stay connected to your Sim in real time

Gardening, which is a relatively easy job and is loved by many people. You just have to go to the grocery store, like some seeds, and plant them for your home property. After a short time they ripen and you can harvest agricultural products and then sell them for money. In addition, you must also improve the Exp functions for agricultural goods. The higher the level, the more jobs, houses, materials and other new characters are available. Another way is to build buildings in the city and look for jobs for the characters.


The more crowded and growing your city is, the more money you will get. One of the most important things you will find are scientists, artists, lecturers, politicians, athletes, firefighters, musicians, actors and real estate agents. These are all desirable jobs, aren’t they? In addition, you can build more resorts, relax the steam room, go to the spa and take advantage of great services, design the house you dreamed of, every element is supported. driven by this sport, so you can do anything.


In a business game with the same material as Sims Freeplay, the photos must not be missing. Portraits can be said to be a strength of a simulated video game, with a beautiful design adorned with the right color to create realistic scenes. And this is no exception to this conversation. Every landscape with the exception of the figures is very sharp and very cute. In addition, the sound can also be great, the track story is smooth and funny, which contributes to gamers’ desire to make the review more enjoyable.

An interesting game like Sims Freeplay can please even the most passionate players. Each content is very engaging and appealing and completely free of charge. You can download this sport now and start an exciting ride in Sims Freeplay and create your own story.

MOD data

1. The original maximum way of life
2. Maximum initial social factors
Number three. Max Simoleons!!

Google Play Link


The Sims FreePlay [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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