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Currently, there are many forms of singing that people love. Examples are entertaining rock music, gentle ballads from Europe and us or K-pop from Korea. In it, the Okay Pop style has a much younger fan base; Stunning choreography of songs on a superstar level. Pledis Entertainment – one of the 10 largest kpop entertainment groups in Korea has partnered with Dalcomsoft, Inc. and created their own free game: Promi PLEDIS. Mostly, a K-pop fan can not afford this conversation. Just listen to the melodies of my favorite singers, and entertaining is nothing!

Turn your favorite artist into a first-class ok POP name with Superstar PLEDIS!

Superstar PLEDIS is an entertainment series in which gamers are passionate about ending a musician, playing idols and singing songs. What does that mean That means you play the song, and at the same time your idol sings the song, and while you stop enjoying the song, the singer stops immediately. Have you ever played piano titles?

Great dances trained

The mechanics of the PLEDIS superstars are like piano titles. In each phase, you decide which songs to play. The screen displays separate notes that are constantly dragged backwards. You need to press these notes to create songs and score points quickly. The notes are separate forms; These can be round dots or chords, many different notes are connected. If there is a notification, you only need to contact her. However, if it is an extended bar, you must contact and move your finger along the line of the chord. If you omit words, this sport stops and you have to play the new revelation again.

Finish an official singer

The longer you play the song, the higher the match characteristics. If you score high, you have a chance to get more cards. These playing cards are your favorite Superstars of Postgraduate, Orange Caramel, NU AUSTR, Hiya Venus, SEVENTEEN, Pristin, Engraving and more. Once you have the cards of these singers, you even have their new songs.

If you have high ranks, increase your rank with other players around the world. Every week up to 15 tournaments are prepared, with many people participating. Are you confident in your nimble fingers? Become a member and win the championship!

PvP with different players

In addition, you can adjust the disadvantage in each entertainment screen in three stages: simple, normal and rough. Especially when enjoying the music melody is slow and the notes are quite simple. Over time, however, the notes appear as you play longer as the melody moves faster and with greater emphasis. This requires that you are agile in your hands and pay attention to your eyes. This obstacle will expand quickly or slowly, depending on which level you choose.


Songs are the most important element in our lives. Having learned and worked a lot, working with celebrities from PLEDIS and enjoying Korean idols is no better. The PLEDIS Superstar brings together 9 bands and over 40 great Kpop songs that you can enjoy. Download this sport and experience it soon

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