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There are currently many types of singing that people love. Examples are entertaining rock music, soothing ballad songs from Europe and the USA or the ok pop genre from Korea. The K-pop genre in particular has a large number of young fans; The superstar’s beautiful choreography offers the songs. Enjoy Pledis – one of the top 10 Kpop entertainment organizations in Korea has partnered with Dalcomsoft, Inc. and unlock entertainment on your property: Celebrity PLEDIS. Most of the time, a Kpop fan is unable to skip this sport. Just listen to the songs of my favorite singers, and being entertained is nothing more!

Turn your favorite artists with PLEDIS celebrities into beautiful k-POP celebrities!

Celebrity PLEDIS is a melody conversation in which passionate gamers will become musicians, play titles for idols and sing. What does that mean? That means you play the song even if your idol sings the melody, and while you stop participating in the track, the singer stops immediately. Have you ever played piano titles?

Beautiful dances trained

The mechanism of the PLEDIS promotional game is very similar to that of the piano titles. In each phase you decide which songs should be played. Separate notes appear on the screen and scroll continuously down. You need to press these notes to create music and quickly rank yourself. The notes are protected forms; It can be round dots or chords, there are many related notes. If there is a notification, you just need to contact them. However, if it’s a stretch bar, you need to touch your finger and move it along the chord path. If you overcome vigilance, the game stops and you will have to play the new revelation again.

emerged as a professional singer

The longer you play the melody, the higher the combination aspect. If you get a high rank, you have a chance to get lots of playing cards. These cards are your favorite superstars from After College, Orange Caramel, NU LIGHT, Venus, SEVENTEEN, Pristin, Love and More. If you have these singer tags, you will also get their new songs.

If you score high, you will also increase your rank in the leaderboard, along with other enthusiastic players around the world. Up to 15 tournaments are prepared each week in which many people take part. Are you confident for your nimble hands? Participate and win the championship!

PvP with other players

In addition, you can adjust the level of difficulty in each sport in three levels: practical, natural and difficult. In it, melody can be slow when playing, and the notes are fairly simple. But over time, as you play longer, the notes appear problematic as the melody turns into a turbo that is more urgent and requires agility and eyesight. This challenge will increase quickly or slowly depending on the chosen level.


Tracking is the most important thing in our life. After studying and coping with difficulties, it is no more attractive to switch to PLEDIS and chat with idols from Korea. The PLEDIS superstar gathers 9 bands and more than 40 interesting K-pop songs about your interest. Download this sport and experience it soon

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