SimCity BuildIt (MOD, Money/Level10/Keys)

Sims are usually not far from players. Not so much, maybe you’ve heard it a few times. The Sims cannot assert themselves as average entertainment for urban planning due to their beautiful graphics and daring entertainment among hardcore gamers. However, the size of the game never reaches the mobile platform. For this reason, Electronic ARTS has launched SimCity BuildIt to enable new customers of mobile devices to use the Sims in a targeted manner.

Electronic ARTS is an extremely popular entertainment manufacturer, whose position is based on the first-class success of the previous product. Many digital ARTS video games are fully appreciated by gamers. This expertise is undeniable. SimCity BuildIt is a simulation entertainment style. There are similar products, but the shadow the Sims create is so big that SimCity BuildIt is a Sims variant of Sims. With SimCity BuildIt, it is not complicated to achieve further success for electronic ARTS.

Build your own city

As with Sims, you need to build buildings, amusement parks, faculties, hospitals, and entire buildings that want to create a city. This sport is relatively easy to play, even if you’ve never played this style before. Easily drag and drop buildings into any neighborhood as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing. In addition to building a city, there are also many motivations that ruin the beauty of your work. Let’s ruin everything to take the position of a new construction site and form a big city.

In the beginning, getting gold wasn’t easy. It is based entirely on calculations to build your house. To build something up, first prioritize the most important and important service orders, as long as they are sufficient and only earn cash. To get gold coins, you have to build, rent or replace a problem. There are problems that are not easy to produce, but the time is too long. These are rarely items you should keep as they are very valuable.

Do you want your city to be diverse and safe for all services? The priority is building small things first, larger structures so that you have enough money and the ability to adapt. While you can be busy, there will be many hardships, similar to home fires, epidemics, and mistakes. and if you don’t use the money properly, you will be intimidated when threatened. Every time your aspect reaches a single limit, you are able to publish better works.

3D images

Equipped with the ability to change the setting in 3D, SimCity BuildIt doesn’t make gamers enthusiastic. With the ability to zoom and rotate at precise angles, as with virtual reality maps, you can easily manage and create the work you want. Bring real city building experience. It turned out that electronic ARTS has developed graphics for SimCity BuildIt that meet the entertainment needs of the participants. A high-end entertainment sport like SimCity BuildIt that matches your style or that you just want to experience will not lose sight of. The game is extremely simple, although you have never done it before. There are no limits to your SimCity BuildIt.

MOD Information

Customize gold coins and cash as well as two types of keys to infinity! When you enter the game completion reminder information, please separate the community from participating and then enter the sport. Remind you that you haven’t signed in for three days. Then you can open and check the network, then disconnect the network!!!

Google Play Link


SimCity BuildIt [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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