Silver Screen Story (MOD, Money/Research Point)

Kairosoft is one of the most famous simulation game maker that you can find at present. Their products are released for free on many tools and are easy to find, especially on Google Play. You can see that their simulation games are produced a lot and mostly use pixel graphics. I don’t understand why this type of graphics can appeal to so many players. However, Kairosoft did very well when their products always achieved millions of downloads after only a short time.


Become the boss of film studios

Silver Screen Story is a simulation game worth checking out when players want to spread a feeling like a movie producer. You will know all the processes to create a movie that you often watch on television, or outside the theater. However, everything will be put in a limit, gameplay so that players can feel that they have achieved specific criteria. All the movies you make are made in pixel format with cute character image designs. All background scenes are designed very beautifully and thoroughly. All of them are completely available and free in stock. Beaches of golden sand and sunshine or fresh lawns are always a reliable choice.


Hire actors, or have famous pop icons, dancers, or comedians star in your films

When you enter the world of “Silver Screen Story,” it will let you play a talented director with a lot of gifted people gathered and help you make blockbuster movies. The only thing you have to try in this game is to think of a compelling story and fascinating storytelling. Your success lies in how many people you draw to the theater and how much you earn from it. However, things are not easy, but the player must have a long process to create training strategies and scientific work plans to maximize the power of the film team.


The funds you earn after the premieres are entirely yours, and the player will have to think carefully to invest in exactly. “Silver Screen Story” also offers a rather unusual feature of hiring actors. Young and cheap actors may be suitable for you at the first level, but your budget is not too much, and the size of a movie is also small. But later on, when you became a famous director, your movie must also be a caste. Use your money to hire famous S-film actors, or obscure famous pop icons, dancers or comedians. They will be a decisive factor to bring fans to the cinema and enjoy your movie.


Post-production is also one of the most critical factors to make your film much more attractive. For example, you can choose the genre of Superhero movies, and actually, your actors cannot do dangerous actions or fictional objects. Everything needs modern, CGI technology. Besides, the post-production is also very important. If you know horror movies, then its success lies in creating sounds that make viewers nervous.

MOD Info

1. Max New Game Money
2. Infinite Research Point (Claim from Movie Theater)​

Google Play Link


Silver Screen Story (APK FILE)

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