Silver Screen Story (MOD, Money/Research Point)

Kairosoft is undoubtedly one of the most popular manufacturers of simulation entertainment that you will see as a reward. Your goods are available for free on many instruments and are easy to find, especially on Google Play. You can see their simulation games are heavily produced and follow the rules for using pixel photos. I don’t understand why this kind of picture can attract so many players. However, Kairosoft has done an excellent job as their products continue to perform thousands of downloads in a short period of time.

It turned out that he was the head of the studio

Screen Story is a simulation game that is worth trying if players feel like they are film producers. You will know the entire method of making a movie that you can watch on TV or outside the cinema. However, the entire lot can be limited, so players can assume that they have met the clear criteria. All of the films you make are made in pixel layout with beautiful personality design. All scenes in the historical past are very magnificent and complete. All of them are available in full and are freely available. Golden sand seahorses and sunshine or fresh grass are a reliable option.

Hire actors or have pop music icons, dancers or comedians in your films

While working on the Silver Story presentation, you can take on the role of an experienced director, with a wide range of experienced men and women gathering and helping you make blockbusters. Metric tons. The only factor you should try in this conversation is thinking about a compelling story and engaging storytelling. Your success lies in the number of people you draw for the theater and the way you make a lot of it. However, the problem is usually not easy, but the player must take a lengthy approach to create a training system and scientific work plan to maximize the strength of the film staff.

The money you make after the premiere is entirely up to you and players have to think carefully to spend properly. In addition, the display from Silver has a special function with which actors are hired. Young and affordable actors may be compatible with you at the first level, but your budget is not too big and the size of a movie may be small. But for a while, while you become a well-known director, your film has to be a class. Use your money to hire famous S-movie actors or obscure pop icons, dancers or famous comedians. They will be a crucial component in bringing lovers to the cinema and enjoying your movie.

Post-production is also one of the most important explanations to make your film more appealing. For illustration, you can choose the superhero movie genre, and your actors are sure not to be able to perform harmful actions or fictional objects. Everything wants modern CGI technology know-how. Creativity is also very mainstream. If you understand horror films, their success lies in the louder noises that make viewers nervous.

MOD Information

– V1.2.5: Ignore licenses
– V1.1.7: Cash Mod!!

Google Play Link


Silver Screen Story V1.2.5 [MOD] [APK FILE]

Silver Screen Story V1.1.7 [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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