Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones – Before entering the game I will introduce two forms of entertainment are the most popular today. That’s the Tinder dating app and the television series Game of Thrones. With Tinder, you can drag left or right to choose who you like and can start a date with them. Left is one of the most intriguing series about the medieval period with exciting political developments between The Seven Kingdoms. Well, what if these two hottest entertainment tools combined would create something? Reigns: Game of Thrones is the product you get.


Players will be using Tinder’s mechanism of action when you can decide on the character’s life with just left-clicking or surfing. Everything is set in the context of Games of Thrones. Devolver Digital has released two games with the same game and won the hearts of many people around the world. They debuted on Steam and have a collective version on the Nintendo Switch. Recently, the third member of the Reign series is Reigns: Game of Thrones is being developed by the developer Nerial as a designer. Currently, there have been some gamers who have been playing the beta version. The launch date is expected in October 2018. It will be released on all popular platforms such as Android, iOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch, …


Although the story of Game of Thrones is very famous, I will also tell a bit so you can learn more quickly the context of the game. Although taking the context of this movie but it does not follow the sequel of a regular RPG, the player will be placed in neutral position with all the forces struggling, balancing each other. When you start playing the game, you will be allowed to choose one of the houses to control the leader of that house. Will, you lead them to glory or cause them to fall into a dark period? All can only be answered when participating in the game in October only.

With graphics retaining the specialty of the Reign series, familiar characters will be introduced into the game with distinctive stereoscopic variations. Each player will have 4 factors: military, church, people and wealth to balance it. If one of these factors becomes too much or exhausted, the country you are ruling will become rioting. With the simple gameplay, as I mentioned above, you will decide the country’s destiny by swiping left or right, just like Tinder.


Each round of the game will have a person to meet you and give the talk. Each chat box will present a problem related to the destiny of the country. With two options integrated into the drag action left or right, you will have to choose between them. Each turn ends, the indicators will start to change. Read the conversation carefully, review the factors that you hold and make the right decision. The game will give you tons of cases to deal with as a leader. Surely with this type of game, you go through many different outcomes. So you can play it many times without being boring. Besides, if you choose another character, there will be another story, another situation.

How to install for Android 8+

  • Download Split APKs Installer (SAI) and Trivia Crack
  • Install Split APKs Installer, open Reigns zip file and install

Google Play Link


Reigns: Game of Thrones (APK FILE)

Reigns: Game of Thrones [Android 8+] (ZIP FILE)

Thanks for downloading!

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