Property Brothers Home Design (MOD, Unlimited Money)

People always need a home to live working and building a family. Each person’s home is not the same because they all have their own preferences that create diversity and customization. Property Brothers Home Design as a game will allow players to enjoy the experience of designing these beautiful and pleasant houses themselves. In this game, the player will not be alone but will be supported by two brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. These are two extremely famous people in the interior design and housing world. They have a popular TV series in the US and are well known as the Property Brothers. These two men will become by their resources to support you on the way to becoming a talented and most loved designer.

Moreover, if you are really a fan of this design work, the game will provide a lot of tips and tricks, and discover fun facts about the industry. In general, the game mainly brings fun moments for players to enjoy. This is probably a gene suitable for families and all ages.



Because it has made a design product, every image that the game offers during the experience is very elaborate. “Property Brothers Home Design,” tells you how a product is cared for and standardized in designing images on how it will lead to great feelings. You will see standard American houses or classical architecture; sometimes you will see homes with Asian style, … All architecture makes brand name present in the game, so the diversity in the style of shaping. That is why “Property Brothers Home Design” has created an affection for players and has received great support from fans to those who don’t know too much about the design world.


Design homes with Drew and Jonathan Scott

The two brothers Drew, and Jonathan Scott is talented designers who have a famous series of housing designs in the United States. In this game, players will follow them to the customers’ houses and help them create a house with the most beautiful design. Steps such as demo, renovate, customize, and design spaces will be given step by step for you to experience yourself. Besides that, the brothers are always to be your great supporters in the construction of dream houses. The comments they give are still of the very high reference value.


The progress of the game will take place like this. First, you will participate in the process of finding old and dilapidated houses. At the present time, they are bad buildings that no one wants to live there anymore. However, you will use your talents to redesign this house so that it has the best looks and customers. The success of the player is that others will pay you large sums of money. Besides work, it also contains a lot of hilarious stories from Drew and Jonathan Scott. You will learn the mysteries behind their lives as well as the old-fashioned jokes that brothers often give to each other. After all, it was a factor that created the close feelings of these two people.

MOD Info?

  • Cheat Menu Enabled (find it in the Options menu)
  • Instant Win or Instant Lose (when playing a match-3 game, in the cheat menu)
  • Unlimited Diamonds (in the Cheat Menu, via “Add Gems” option)
  • Unlock All Levels (in the Cheat Menu, via “Unlock to level” option)
  • Unlock All Rooms (in the Cheat Menu, via “Unlock to Room” option)
  • AntiBan

Notes: there are many other settings in the cheat menu, but please don’t use them if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Google Play Link


Property Brothers Home Design [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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