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Penguins are some of the sweetest and most adorable animals, and these birds are loved most of the time by children who see their looks. They have wings, but they no longer fly, they swim. Due to the fact that their main habitat is in the Antarctic and their main food source is fish, they must be equipped in such a way that they can catch fish under water. They even recorded the famous Madagascar animated film with five penguins with the potential of a top spy. How many of you were at the zoo and saw the adorable penguins? Because of their cuteness, there are many people who like them and think that there was a game about penguins later. Do you want to raise penguins?

If you want to take care of penguins, visit Sport Penguin Isle with the support of the Habby brand. It is a well-known mobile games company that corresponds to the video game Archeroand Slidey: Block Puzzle. When you come to this sport, you will experience the culture of the penguin groups in Antarctica. You will feel like you are meeting a caretaker of a herd of penguins.


When you get into sports, you come to cold Antarctica, which is protected from snow and ice. The player’s only project is to create a special habitat for penguins. It’s an easy task, but it won’t be as easy as the player imagines. You have to solve many entertainment problems, such as temperature, meals, fields, you become the manager of a huge herd of penguins. They work much like people. The penguin group may have many similarities to the human community. At the start of the game you only have a small plank that floats in the sea. Only a few penguin participants will live alone on the simplest ice, the player who will open up this area and attract more members. After the player has enough gold, you need to use that gold to buy new penguins. Each penguin can have unique missions to ensure that the team works perfectly. For example, there will be fishermen, farmers who grow flowers, grow rice, and build employees like everyone else.

If you have penguins that can work, they will make you gold. You can use gold to perform many problems in this sport, e.g. For example, raising the topic of housing or buying new participants in order to be able to do more problematic things. Entertainer, please tap Revealed several times to create gold. Once your penguin society is fully grown, that’s no longer the essence. Due to the fact that the time they work can even create gold for you. At this point, your job will likely notice its development and safely use your wealth to help society thrive.


just play

The most effective players need to spend little or no time buying new participants to work and develop. Despite the fact that participants do not currently have too much time to exercise and need to be offline, they will still work hard for you. When players are online, they only need to get the gold they earn and use gold to spend. The game of this sport is very suitable for many people who do not have too much free time during the day. You only have to spend a little time, but still exercise.


It’s not the best penguin in this sport now, but other creatures like whales, polar bears, and avid gamers can diversify their creature populations so that they become varied and grown up.

brilliant pride

The challenge of the player in entertainment is to create a special living atmosphere for our penguins. Players can use the gold penguins deserve to create comfort for them. Themes like hot air balloons, slides and average entertainment create a wonderful and attractive living space for them.


Penguin Isle has a real 3D image layout, the personal personality in the conversation is simple, but gives the players the feeling of authenticity and first class quality. Entertainment scenes complement each other in a simple but lively way. In terms of sound phrases, the game offers players a gentle atmosphere with very smooth and melodic songs in which the passionate players can relax. Factors similar to gameplay, graphics and sound are combined to give players a first-class feeling without the stress of playing.

MOD information?

– Rubies are increasing in expenditure
– No advertising!!

Version: 1.22.1
Size: 66M
Google Play Link


Penguin Isle [MOD V1.22.1] [APK FILE]

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