PC Architect – PC Building Simulator (Update v1.13) Mod Money

Computers are an indispensable tool for today’s modern life. Every PC is made up of many different components, so discovering them is extremely difficult. Our knowledge is quite narrow, cannot bring it to discover. If you are a computer enthusiast, or simply a computer science student, PC Architect, also known as PC Building Simulator, will be an indispensable application on your mobile.

Download PC Architect – PC Building Simulator APK Mod Money for Android

PC Building Simulator for Android is not just a computer simulation game, it more so. In there, you will discover all things in a computer and try some tests that require by the app. Here you have to earn a lot of money for yourself by winning different benchmarks, completing orders from the most demanding guests, giving them the perfect computer with the highest configuration. You can also buy a lot of accessories in the game store including RAM, mainboard, processors, graphics cards … from many well-known brands such as Intel, Nvidia, AMD …

There will be more than 400 levels that players must pass, each level will be much more difficult, and especially through each level, you can learn about new information. Developed by Games From Garage, PC Architect (PC Building Simulator) has been loved by many computer enthusiasts. It has reached 500,000 downloads on the Google Play app marketplace, and today we’re excited to bring you an unlimited version of the mods that you are reading, giving you the power you need. Creative with the computer components in the store.

Finally, PC Building Simulator (PC Architect) APK Mod is a fun game that will help you learn a lot of useful things and apply it to computer technology to help you learn and work more effectively. This is a game not to be missed for those who love information technology in general and computer in particular.
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PC Architect – PC Building Simulator (Google Play)

PC Architect – PC Building Simulator Mod (APK File)

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