Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Diamonds/Tickets)

The human way of life is inherently a long history that lasts for many years. Do you think every past day is a useful experience that needs to be saved? They also saw some films on TV and noticed how the characters behave when individuals round them off. If you need to experience existence as a guide, you can register for Chapter: Interactive and gaming experience. But don’t forget to download this sport with 90 MB into your gadget first.

Replace your own story

It is definitely a simple game, but as the story is constantly updated, it is always new to players. In this conversation there are many reviews written by experienced writers. So you would think that the turn is so unexpected that you cannot predict what will happen. But no matter how twisted, the player is still the identifier. Based on the actual situation, players will have to make a decision about what to do next. As in real life, every little dissolution will lead to extraordinary results in a person’s life; This conversation also has many special ends. The reports can be a happy ending or a punishment caused by your funds. Not only can you see many surprising results, you can also play a narrative. Every time you update your resolution, this will be a whole new specialty.


For chapter: Interactive research, passionate gamers have to choose a story rather than their game. The hottest genres are romance, younger maturity, love and fable, adventure. In most cases, these reports can have different phrases depending on the story you selected. For example, reporting love is most likely about a complicated relationship between a girl and many men, problematic decisions, or even tragic situations like adultery.

The sport is also marked 16+ because it contains hot and lustful or bloody scenes, whether it’s a trip or a horror story. It is most ineffective if you go through the real life levels, but beyond today’s love experience. Who doesn’t need a relationship to keep messages going? Be careful, however, with metamorphic phrases from perverts.


3D animated pictures

The images in this sport are very beautiful with characters that are designed to appear as detailed 3D animation films. We can quickly refer to the last famous animation arena when we watch the first scenes of this sport. The most plausible thing is that the color becomes lighter when you play the love experience. My vampire woman, my confident bodyguard, drumline, get are blockbusters with six-year-old boys and scorching girls. Don is destined to ignore it.

MOD data?

– Unlimited diamonds and tickets!!

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Chapters: Interactive Stories [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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