Chapters: Interactive Stories (MOD, Diamonds/Tickets)

The human way of life is inherently an expanded story spanning decades. Do you think that every past day is a necessary archived expertise? They have also seen many films on TV and noticed how the characters treat the people around them. For those who also want to be an expert in survival, such as For example, an e-book, you can log in to Chapter: Interactive Stories and Games. But first, don’t think about downloading this sport with the best 90 MB to your gadget.

Create your own selective story

It has always been a sport with traditional gameplay, but since the story is always up to date, it is always new to players. There is a lot of experience in this game that was written with the help of competent authors. So you would think the twists are so sudden that you cannot predict what will happen. No matter how distorted, passionate players are still the deciding factor. Based on the real circumstances, players will have to make a decision about what to do next. Like the actual way of life, every little dissolution will deliver exceptional results throughout a man’s or woman’s life; This conversation also has a lot of wraps. The story will be a happy ending or punishment caused with your help. Also, since there are many unexpected results, you can sometimes tell a story when you update your resolution. This is a whole new specialty.


About the chapters: Interactive reviews require enthusiastic gamers to choose their own story rather than enter their entertainment. Basically, the most common genres are romance, younger adults, love and fables, itineraries. In these reviews, there will be one of the twisted phases based on the story you choose. For example, the love experience will mostly involve the complex relationship between a girl and many men, difficult choices regarding feelings, or even tragic situations like adultery.

The game can be labeled 16+ because it contains hot and lustful or bloody scenes, whether it’s an adventure or horror story. Furthermore, it is best not to go through the phases of real life, but also to experience advanced love. Who doesn’t expect a relationship to almost keep the message on new opportunities? However, watch out for perverted sets of perverts.


3D animated pictures

The graphics in the conversation are very nice and the characters, which are designed like 3D animation films, are exaggerated. When we look at the first scenes of this sport, we can quickly refer to the last famous animation arena. The color only gets lighter when you do love research. The vampire girl, my happy bodyguard, drumline, get, is a blockbuster film with six-year-old boys and scorching women. Don is destined to ignore it.

MOD information?

• Unlimited Diamond Hack / Free Browse (can buy premium goods or special clothing, even if you don’t have the full Diamond)
• Tickets hack (you can study chapters even if you don’t have a spacious ticket)
• Top elements are activated (comparable to skipping the display before the correct chapters)
• Reduce the risk of boards

Please note that this MOD does not cancel you out. If you were previously banned for suspicious behavior (both because you used an IAP crack and one of the hacks you banned), you should start a whole new conversation.!!

Version: 1.6.9
Size: 94MB
Google Play Link


Chapters: Interactive Stories [MOD] [APK FILE] [GDRIVE LINK]

Thanks for downloading!

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