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What are you upset about? Are you a cat lover but unfortunately allergic to cat hair? Your landlord does not care for you to dirty your room even if you explain how to keep your pet clean and sanitary. Are you so busy that you do not have time to take care of them? Or just do not understand what your cat thinks and what to do every day? Do not let go of all that trouble aside and download the game Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition to find a cat for you right now!

If the price of a cat in real life is at least 4 million for an imported cat species, now with only 22,000 you can immediately own a lovely baby cat to your liking. HGamesArt’s beautiful pet game. And for pet lovers, this is an excellent gift for your life more fun.

$1 for a lovely cat?

All you need to do is download Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition for $ 1 fee to own this exciting game titles. Of course, everyone wants a free game, but believe me; you never regret having to pay a small sum of money for a great set of relaxation. Like this. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose the cat you like and transform yourself into a cute kitten. Next, you will be assigned 6 missions per day to complete, which are tasks such as: Catching, ripping the carpet, scratching the chair, messing up the food, breaking the vase, running on the tape jump on trampolines, push balls, move skateboards, destroy statues, break up balloons, etc. After completing the missions, your cat will be levelled up, and have all 20 levels need to pass. In the process of completing the task, your cat will be free to run in many exciting spaces such as in the house – from the kitchen to the bedroom, or the beautiful garden, or in a supermarket,…

You can also be a perfect kitten by playing with the people in your home. By interacting with them, you will get coins to buy items or buy more kittens to make the game more fun. Because as a cat, you will not be able to contact your employer. Be a loving cat by jumping on the owner’s lap and shouting Meow!

Attractive features

Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition is unique in that players can play a cute kitten with the primary task is to do what a cat usually do. However, the single thing is that there is a cat and cat store system for you to choose, even the cat house to help you get more beautiful experience. You can also compete with other players, especially with your friends, the more interesting. Game titles also support a variety of languages so you can choose the style that works best for you, making the game a lot easier. As a game that needs to be purchased in the Apps store or Google play, the game also supports you very well in enjoying the moment of relaxation without having to be annoyed by the ads appearing while playing. Along with that, many more exciting rewards await you to explore.

Graphics and sound

With live 3D graphics, you will feel like you are watching a real kitten. Extremely realistic kittens with graceful moves, such as houses, flower gardens, parks, swimming pools or supermarkets, are all identical in real life. Besides that, the sound effect is stimulating also promises to bring you the pleasant experience. The cats cry, the bursting voices, the sound of falling balls, the owner’s voice as you touch them, or the music of the rats rattling when the smart cat catch it?

Sum up

If you are a wildcat and want to own a cute kitty for only $1, then go to HgamesArt and Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition APK to help me nourish the cat. You will love this game and will understand more about the lives of cats that you have not followed before. For those who are not sympathetic to these nasty cotton clumps, after playing Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition, you will have a new look and more friendly with them, and for those who already have the soul of love cat. This is indeed your paradise. So let’s get to know the lives of the cats!

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