Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Energy/No CD)

The great war has become the most exciting battle we have ever seen in the past year. With exciting adventures between celebrities and even the clash of the most powerful creatures in the universe. Celebrity Wars ™: Galaxy of Heroes is a common sport with over 10 million downloads on Google Play to get players to live in this world where they have authority to manage characters. Icon in the most famous areas. The fights there are far more numerous than in the films, which suggest that it is best if characters are repeatedly included in a team. Players will benefit from their fantasy characters to develop into a dream worker and face various companies.

The number of characters will be very important, considering that this variant brings together all famous men and women from every era: from Solo ™: a Celebrity Wars ™ story, big name Wars ™: The Last Jedi ™ and Rogue One ™: a Star Wars story. More than a few combos create motion pictures, epic battles, and unexpected variables. More often than not, the expertise that this sport offers does not make the player unhappy.

Build your fighting method!

The big names Wars ™: Galaxy of Heroes will follow one of the most important trend mechanics that existed so far. The RPG war focuses on rounds that allow avid gamers to maximize the power of the characters they own by arranging them in a good process. In addition, participants can face bosses confronted with sophisticated power and control the legendary spacecraft like the Millennium Falcon. The later challenges can be extremely stressful and lead to the player developing the most solid procedures, accompanied by characters with maximum strength.

Since this is a synthetic variant of the game, the characters come from many special editions and are now no longer restricted by anything. This means that players are free to choose the best light and shadow for themselves and slowly accumulate characters of all kinds. After that, keep training, fight, install important movements to strengthen yourself.

In this intergalactic war, players not only fight on the battlefield, but also take part in internal campaigns. This means that they can release and use the most famous spaceship, such as the Falcon Millennium, and the capital’s large ships, such as the kidnapping Admiral Ackbar. The crew must coordinate and develop special techniques. Each ship has its own crew and technicians to maximize its performance. Therefore, players also need to add in-depth expertise across all ships to maximize performance. Also, remember to hire good pilots so that you can manage the warship as smoothly as possible.

You can have up to one hundred and forty heroes


– develop into a top rebel leader, dominate hundreds of thousands of soldiers and take part in intergalactic battles
– Defeat every enemy and appear as a prisoner in the galaxy. In addition, players can conquer the universe through the Cantina Battles Squad, the PvP Squad area and the Tournament Squad
– Don Tiet has forgotten that all you need to do is upgrade your hero’s equipment and weapons to have strong combat power.
– Gather huge warships along with the series’ legendary ships, which are very similar to the Millennium Millennium Falcon, large ships like Admiral Ackbar

MOD information?

– Mutilple attack (1 – 999)
– Mutilple security (1 – 999)
– MOD menu!!

Version: 0.19.526635
Size: 47M
Google Play Link


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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