Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (MOD, Multiple Attack/Defense)

Celebrity warriors are probably the most exciting battle we’ve ever seen in the past year. With fascinating adventures between celebrities and even the encounter of the strongest creatures in the universe. megastar Wars ™: Galaxy of Heroes is a popular sport with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, so players can live in this world where they can manage famous characters. Statues in the most famous places. There the fights in the films are even more serious that the characters that are put into a crew are always of high quality. The players will make the most of their fictional characters to develop into a dream worker and face other organizations.

The number of characters is likely to be quite large considering that this version attracts the attention of everyone of every generation: from Solo ™: Famous Wars ™ story to Famous Wars ™ stars. : The Last Jedi ™ and Rogue One ™: a famous Wars ™ story. Many different combos create action films, epic battles and unexpected variables. Most of the time, the experience this sport brings will not make hardcore gamers unhappy.

Build your combat course!

Superstar Wars ™: Galaxy of Heroes will follow one of the most advanced mechanisms ever. The crowded RPG battle helps passionate players maximize their characters’ energy by arranging them in an excellent strategy. In addition, players can confront the bosses with the overwhelming power and control legendary spaceships like Millennium Falcon. The later challenges can be exaggerated and lead participants to develop superior strategies, accompanied by the characters with the highest abilities.

Due to the fact that this could be a synthetic variant of this sport, its characters are taken from a variety of models, almost not limited to anything. This shows that aspiring players feel free as elite and dark light and can slowly collect characters of all models. After that, keep practicing, fighting, making important moves to strengthen yourself.

In this intergalactic battle, players not only fight against the best on the battlefield, but also participate in space campaigns. This means that they can basically release and use the most famous spaceship like the Falcon Millennium and the gigantic capital ship like Admiral Ackbar, the thief. The crew needs to coordinate and develop a unique approach. Each ship has its own crew and tries to maximize its performance. For this reason, players must equip each ship with special knowledge in order to achieve maximum vitality. Don’t forget to recruit good pilots so you can control the warship as easily as possible.

You can have up to 140 heroes


– Become the top leader of the rebels, rule millions of soldiers and take part in battles of the galaxies
– Defeat every enemy and become the owner of the galaxy. In addition, players can win the universe through Squad Cantina Battles, PvP Squad Arena and Squad Tour Tournament.
– Don Xiet ignores the fact that all you need to do is upgrade your equipment and weapons so that your hero has strong combat power.
– Collect huge warships, including legendary ships from series like Falcon Millennium, Big Warship, and Admiral Ackbar

MOD data?

This sport modifies the infinite power without being ready to increase the vitality with direct clicks. Note: Cut the second talent in the right corner of the game.!!

Google Play Link


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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