ONE-PIECE TREASURE CRUISE (MOD god mode) – In the parable of anime, the shelf life of a product can be very short, maybe just a few months. But long films were certainly produced that lasted up to 15 years. Incidentally, it has nevertheless received the help of a large number of lovers who deal with content and content. Naraku, Bleach, One Piece etc. are still at a record high.

Relive the story ONE PIECE

The famous producer BANDAI NAMCO Enjoy Inc., who owns the rights to the content of many well-known manufacturers, has published many games on them. In 2018, One Piece will continue to launch an encouraged conversation that will serve fans around the world.

It is a rule of a tactical position to play sports with well-known characters from the pirate world. However, as the plot progresses rapidly, the content of the video game also needs to be changed. Bandai launches ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE with innovations in both gameplay and personality, a very modern update at the moment.

Recruit and train your own crew members!

For starters, the context of this sport will definitely change, but that’s about it. At the beginning, you continue to experience the initial difficulties of the straw hat crew. Even considering that Luffy started saying his crew name, unless they gathered and fought for their own sake. In terms of direction, epic reports and violent battles can be revived on many islands. 2D graphics with stylized drawings make it a remake directly on your smartphone.

The game can even contain interesting points. Instead of running on a horizontal screen like other main games, you are on a vertical screen. This can be ascertained if each talent table and personality index are really accurate and show all their powers so that they are screened separately in half.


With a method of over 1,000 unique characters spanning 100 episodes, passionate players can create their own lineups. By tackling some challenges, players will appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their process. Customize the squad to convey a different protection and surround strategy. Characters even have their own talent development and statistics, so players should pay attention to them after each sport. The more difficult the problems become, the more critical it is to look after the team before a completely new journey begins.

MOD data?

1. Ghost mode
2. High damage!!

Version: 9.5.1
Size: 43M
Google Play Link



Thanks for downloading!

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