ONE PIECE Bounty Rush (MOD, Frozen Enemy)

1 Piece’s area is a very familiar and very fashionable neighborhood neighborhood that loves to watch anime. focusing on this, they partially examined the diversity and style of the sports controller design. Publishers strive to provide reasonably free entertainment for everyone.

Join the pirate world

The simplest players had to work hard to maintain the strength and potential they had to fight various enemies in the entertainment industry. So that you often guess that real money is not used in this game to buy superior energy, it is easiest to have the most important utilities. The game is called One Piece: Bounty Rush. I’m going to talk a little bit about sports mode, a multiplayer action that focuses on the standard 4v4 staff. Your staff will likely be selected for 4 people and will fight with opponents, including four characters. Maybe athletes meet their characters in many games. However, to find the winner, a strong character is not enough.

The solution is whether the talent of the participants is excessive. You need to make excellent transfers to avoid attacks or unlock great skills competently, dispel concerns, or win the whole game. Now you can not only control all four characters on your team, but also customize the attack or defense, or use the appropriate combination to attack that enemy. The defense cannot counter. It’s all up to you.

Known character

Here are some lessons on characters to be included in One Piece Entertainment: Bounty Rush to use and start the Grand Line. The warriors will be the ones with enormous damage that can wipe out the enemy army in a moment. These characters are the most unwieldy from the perspective of their massive injuries. Their attack power is particularly low. You need to be extremely agile and agile to make combos so seamless that your opponent can maximize strength with a counterattack. To distinguish them, the soldiers are extremely corporate and muscular characters with almost infinite endurance.

They will be the avant-garde, along with Fighter and Swordsman, sweeping enemies over time and doing small arms damage. Gunners a.ok.a Gunners are always supported by support. Since shooters should not be able to do excessive damage, they have very high-level basic attacks that can extend damage to enemies in combat. Accordingly, supporters – those who improve their defense knowledge together with the shooters to keep them alive and to keep the damage as long as possible.

Most likely, the big goal of this sport is to make as much money as possible to improve the vitality of the characters on the increasingly complex road. that you can get berries in any way that you can take along with looting or cheating on opponents. They will be a good supply so you can buy equipment or improve your knowledge to get ahead.

Nice pictures and sounds

Pix and controlling 1 Piece: Bounty Rush are relatively simple, so you can get used to them comfortably. The manufacturer has developed a fascinating, subtle controller while you simply put your left finger on the screen and switch to the appropriate personality. The opposite is true of the digital buttons, which contain the talent and normal attacks of the final. You need to combine your talents to create stable combos, and there should be no other stage for the opponent to specialize in counterattacks. If you win, the methods you can start with are likely to be unique with sharp images and the Persona method, designed just like the well-known anime. You will see the vast ocean with many strange sea monsters in history, the pier with wild pirates and many of the simplest landscapes that can be guided by the creation of Oda-sensei.

World of magic

Post built slower than the last illusion. Undoubtedly, as everyone knows, the last fantasy series dominated by Bandai Namco entertainment because there are so many 1 Piece: Bounty Rush that are updated and released every few weeks. The frequency with which the market is flooded with headline games is quite fascinating. If the speed is not that high, this may only affect the game if a lot of bugs may need to be fixed. Therefore, this one piece can be added carefully and subtly to minimize possible errors. All players and teamwork poured in to offer the player a quality experience.

MOD Information

– No talented CDs
– Stupid enemies

* Regular exercise is a separation. Click again to try
* Works best in PvE!!

Version: 27000
Size: 70MB
Google Play Link


One Piece: Bounty Rush [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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