Luna M APK+DATA v0.11.500 Mod

3D MMORPG gradually developed gradually become closer to new people. But before you have to sit in front of the computer screen to play is now a 3D MMORPG game, Luna M (Episode 1). Are you ready to open the adventure door again? Blue Earth is waiting for your help, shall we go?

Download Luna M APK+DATA v0.11.500 Mod for Android

Every day, after school you have to rush home to the dormitory to be able to access the game, join the team. Today, players can no longer be difficult to connect with anymore, just pick up their smartphone up, then be able to connect with his comrades immediately! Characters are pretty nice eyes are also pretty cute. From the Elf to the superhero chibi superhero.

As with all MMORPGs, of course, there must be different classes that make the game rich. Luna M (Episode 1) includes classes such as Warrior, Mage, Assassin. Create a character that suits you and is brave face to evil.
Besides, the game has a variety of Fashion. Collect all the clothes you like best and show your personality at any time. Besides the clothes, the mood of the face is also diverse, Luna M APK (episode 1) not only can change the clothes but also can change the face to match the difference. Everyone’s favorite! With this game, your 365 days are a new day, whether a day is a bride or a girl in traditional clothes. Each character brings a look that appeals to the player. As the game is online, marriage is possible. “Love Dating” – a game designed to motivate other people to feel romantic fantasy.

This game is free to use, and virtual money games, items are considered as in-game payment services.
And do not spend too much time with this game. Take advantage of the time and protect your health. This is a game worth to play. Everyone can join the game to enjoy the fun with beautiful graphics and cute chibi character. But first of all, let’s know how to arrange the time and play games in moderation.
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Luna M (Google Play)

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