Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom (MOD, Auto All)

Do you ever want to become a respectable king? This is completely understandable when the feeling of being able to control things is lovely to many people. But you also have to understand that the more power you have, the higher the responsibility, the harder it is to be a supreme leader. This time forces players to make good decisions if they don’t want their kingdom to collapse. If you really want to experience such interesting things then try Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom. There will be everything that mimics an extremely complex kingdom with many elements that make up society. Show that you are a great leader.


Become Shelter Fortress King!

In this game, the context will be set in the medieval period where many stories of an old and brutal society have circulated in history and even fantasy. But the story of “Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom” allows players to become lord and master of a real medieval castle! It means that players have the right to create a good, full and happy life for their people. There will also be foreign forces that want to invade the place and make life dark. You will have to stop them all.


Although the publisher said “Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom” is an RPG, it’s actually more like a simulation game. However, it uses 2D graphics with a flat world like a slice across your castle. At first, it was small, with only a few rooms and friendly people serving you. But more and later, you have to expand your castle to be able to accommodate everyone along with the professions formed in it. The castle you build, you can say, is like a miniature society in it. The color of the game along with shaping is shown like a famous American animated film. It is a mixture of medieval darkness and fun, modern designs in character shaping.


Make More Fun in Your Vault!

As we have described, it will be a game with an essential role-playing element and a castle that will be the place where you rule. Everything in it needs your management. First will be the needs of the people in the castle. They also need to eat, have fun and be protected. At the beginning when your people are few, the requirements will not be too much and strict, but when they become more and more things will be difficult. Conversely, you have the right to exploit them by having these people work with the talents they already have.


In addition to regular games, like a simulation game, you can participate in battles too. This is when you show your strength and your past efforts. Players will have to balance between civilian and military factors. Don’t try too hard to get rich and make people happy and forget to build a strong army. When participating in a battle, it operates under a 6v6 combat mechanism with two opposing sides in a 2D map. They will plunge into each other and fight as hard as they can until there is a complete collapse. Each person will have a particular skill of their own.

MOD Info?

Auto collect resources
Auto complete training
Auto resolve room events
Auto click wishes
Auto start clan wars
Speed up battle without premium
Show ability cooldown
Show equipment power
Watch multiple festival ads
Show change opponent cooldown
Auto born children
Auto reconnect in maintenance
Auto open chests

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Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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