Guild of Heroes (MOD, Damage/Diamond)

Guild of Heroes – Europe is famous for Nordic myths and renowned folk tales. Surely when you were young, you also heard fairy tales through your mother’s words. Tell the evil and crafty goblins, always harm innocent people. And today, we will see them again in Guild of Heroes – fantasy RPG, a classic role-playing game. Not only goblins but also fierce monsters in the legend, with their bosses. Are you ready to take on the Guild of Heroes and fight against them?


The story

Guild of Heroes depicts an ancient fantasy world when people are faced with the invasion of the devil. Everywhere, scenes of killing and destruction of this power are happening. Humans are trying to hide because their strength is too weak to resist these demons. You are the child of the gods, inherited the power and brave blood from the noble lineage. Now, only you can rebel, push those demons to hell and bring a peaceful life to people.



Join the Guild of Heroes, you will play the role of a hero; then by performing the mission, the system will guide you everywhere. The game offers more than 25 locations from dense forests, mysterious dungeons, to dark caves for you to conquer. Each area is an arena of innumerable dangers, and powerful bosses rule. You need to defeat them to unlock the quest sequence and the next map. At the same time, in the process of fighting the evil forces, you must constantly upgrade your hero, collect equipment, learn new skills and spells,…


About control, you just need to touch the screen to make a move, not using the virtual button anymore. Also, at the bottom of the screen is an interface full of combat skills and operations, you just need to touch them to launch an attack. The design of the control section is quite intuitive and easy to use. The system also provides auto-play, so sometimes you want to hang up, you just need to turn on this mode to automatically hit monsters.



Characters in role-playing games like Guild of Heroes are always carefully designed. First of all is their shapes of appearance, they have ancient warrior outfits, wearing simple combat suits, often made of cloth or iron armor. Each one has a system of equipment and levels. During the battle, when destroying monsters, the character will automatically increase his level. At the same time, the bosses can drop rare and highly pieces of equipment, and you can collect them to equip your character. Each character is composed of one of three classes: warriors, witches, or marksmen. The characters in different classes will develop differently, most notably concerning combat skills, looks, and outfits.



In addition to the features, as well as the well-designed character system of Guild of Heroes, there are also beautiful light effects. In the process of fighting and using skills, these effects will make the game screen more fierce, firing light rays, the ball of fire is wonderful, stimulating players to become more enthusiastic. I guess, if you experience this game, you’ll be addicted to them for a long time!

MOD Info?

Use of diamond purchases
Skills are not cooled
*In the game force click “blood bottle” to resurrect.

Google Play Link


Guild of Heroes [MOD] [APK FILE]

Thanks for downloading!

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